The Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime shows to watch before 2023

Got some time off over the holidays? These are the movies and shows to pass the time perfectly

Christmas TV
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Got plans for Christmas? It's lovely spending time with family and friends but sometimes it's even nicer to shut the doors, relax into the sofa and put on films for the whole day. While there is likely to be no shortage of cheesy Christmas films on the telly, it's the perfect time to binge on a new series or catch up on some newer movie offerings on one of the best streaming services. 

If you're anything like me, you probably already have a list of shows you've been meaning to watch all year. Then there are those films I've been waiting to come down in price to rent. 

Where do you start though? Well, here's the answer – start with this list. If there are films or shows on this list that you haven't watched already, put down your phone, stop wrapping those last couple of presents, and get these on your box. If you haven't achieved anything else in 2022, at least you've watched the best streaming shows. 

1. Inventing Anna

Shonda Rhimes' dramatisation of Anna Sorokin / Delvey's incredible journey into New York's elite is a must-watch for 2022. Did she con and mislead people, or did the incredibly wealthy just want to believe she was one of them? 

Julia Garner is outstanding as Anna, while Anna Chlumsky is perfect as the journalist trying to resurrect her career with the story. 

All 9 episodes are available now on Netflix.

2. Wednesday

A series following the daughter of the Adams Family as she heads to school might sound a bit of a stretch, until you see it's created by non-other than Tim Burton. And if that's not enough, it stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Gwendoline Christie,
and Christina Ricci alongside Jenna Ortega, as Wednesday herself. 

In just three weeks the series has already taken on cult status, giving way to cosplay, dances and lots of TikTok videos. You should watch it just to know what everyone's talking about, but stay because it's a brilliant piece of television. 

All 8 episodes are available now on Netflix.

3. Andor

The spin-offs from the Star Wars universe have been a mixed bag of late, but Andor is by far the one to watch. This isn't your kids' Star Wars film – there's no lightsaber battles here – this is a tale of political struggle. It's dark, gritty, and the perfect prequel to an equally excellent spin-off movie – Rogue One. 

Diego Luna plays the role of Cassian Andor in his journey to becoming the rebel hero we see in Rogue One. Here, knowing the outcome in no way detracts from the action. 

All 12 episodes are now available to watch on Disney Plus. 

4. Severence

This is still my show of the year, and while it might not be to everyone's taste, it's beautifully shot, has some incredible actors in it and is genuinely funny – in a slightly dark way. The premise of Severence is that a company called Lumon enterprises has devised a way for its employees to completely compartmentalize their work and personal life. A small procedure means that while in the office, the workers know nothing of their outside (or outie) life, and once they leave they know nothing of their work. Is it a healthy way to stop one interfering with the other, or a clever way to hide what's really going on in the Macrodata Refinement department? 

The show stars Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Party Down) as worker Mark S and has a wonderful accompanying cast, including Christopher Walken and Patricia Arquette. 

All 9 episodes are available now on Apple TV Plus.

5. The Boys (season 3)

Season 3 of The Boys landed this summer but if you haven't seen the first two seasons, you've got even more great TV in store. The commercialised superheroes are loved by the public but it turns out they are far from perfect. This is definitely an adult superhero show. 

In this season we see the fall out from Homelander's relationship with Stormfront. He's a broken man and even more twisted than he was before. Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher, the equally flawed leader of The Boys, as they now take on the official task of apprehending problematic Supes for the Bureau of Superhero Affairs. It's dark, it's gruesome but it's a lot of fun. 

Watch all 8 episodes on Amazon Prime Video now.

6. Top Gun: Maverick

There have been some great films in 2022, from the incredibly silly Jackass Forever, to Baz Luhrmann's full-tempo Elvis. But if there's one film you just have to have watched it's this. 

Okay, it might not be the best film ever made, but it's got all the elements you need for a truly entertaining watch. It will come as no surprise that the stunts are breathtaking – especially knowing that Tom Cruise performed most of them himself. There's a few tear-jerking moments, that great soundtrack and lots of fast aeroplane action. You'll be fist-bumping and high-fiving by the credits. 

Top Gun: Maverick is available to rent or buy on a range of movie platforms, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, and free on Paramount+. 

If you watch a second film, make it Jordan Peele's sci-fi horror, Nope

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