The Glorious Vinyl Vault could be the ideal storage solution for your precious record collection

As glorious as the company name suggests

Glorious Vinyl Vault
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Quick Summary

The Glorious Vinyl Vault can house up to 160 12-inch records in each cabinet, with two drawers per unit that slowly slide out.

It costs £209 per unit and will be available from June.

The vinyl resurgence has been a very welcome surprise in the last few years, but while 12-inch albums look great and sound even better on one of the best turntables, they can often just sit in piles in homes that had moved to smaller formats and digital libraries.

That's why a new record storage solution from Glorious has piqued our interest. The Glorious Vinyl Vault is a great-looking filing cabinet-style piece of furniture that comes with dedicated drawers to both house and how off your collection.

Each drawer can store up to 80 records, whether they be LPs or 12-inchers. There are two on each unit and they can be used in a modular fashion to expand the capacity depending on your room. Place three side-by-side, for example, and you'll have enough storage for 480 albums.

There's even an adjustable back panel for each draw so you can ensure your vinyls are presented front and centre, no matter how many you have. And you can even match the Vinyl Vault with other Glorious furniture, including the Record Rack 330 series.

Each unit comes in flat-packed form for you to build at home, with pre-drilled fixture holes for secure wall mounting – necessary to avoid the Vault from tipping over when a drawer is fully extended.

The drawers are soft-closing to protect your records (and fingers) and provide a better motion.

Glorious is well adversed in designing furniture for music lovers, with additional side-on vinyl storage cabinets, Hi-Fi stations and desks for DJs in its range. It even makes its own turntable, the VNL-500 USB model.

Henley Audio is bringing the Glorious Vinyl Vault to the UK in June. It'll be priced at £209 per unit (two drawers), with a Central European price of €219.99.

You'll have to provide the records yourself, of course. Although with their continued rise in popularity, we're sure you'll soon have plenty to fill each cabinet, even if you don't already.

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