The countdown to Prime Day has begun! Here's 3 tips to save more money

How to find the best deals and save the most in the process

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is only hours away and with it will come some of the best deals on electronics, Amazon devices, and more. While Prime Day has become synonymous with deals, there's a problem that many people tend to overlook – and that's the quality of the deals that are available.

While Amazon Prime Day is one of the best shopping events of the year, there's a ton of bad deals that show up in hopes of getting in front of your eyes. Thankfully, Amazon does a decent job of sorting those out, however, you'll want to be prepared for Prime Day 2022 by determining where the good deals will be.

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The good news, deal hunters and savings experts such as myself are here to help. It can be easy to get lost in all of the discounts going on during Prime Day, but if you stick to your guns and follow some basic rules, you'll find the best deals and save the most money in the process.

Below are some of the rules I use myself to determine what deals are worth a look, and what deals should be pushed to the side. They may not be everyone's idea of a good way to save, but even if you adapt them to your own needs you'll come out on top this Prime Day.

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1. Go for no less than 25% off

Amazon Prime Day features some of the best discounts of the year on Amazon devices, smart tech, and other popular electronics. That's what made this sale so big in the first place! However, over time Amazon has started to include thousands of other deals just for the sake of including them.

If you're looking for a specific item on sale, if it's not at least 25% during Prime Day it's probably a safe bet to hold off until Black Friday. Prime Day tends to get a little wild and throws deals in front of you that may sound good, but to make sure you're getting an actually good Prime Day deal, make sure it's at least 25% off.

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2. Tech is the name of the game

The best Prime Day deals focus around electronics – specifically smart home tech and Amazon devices. If you're hoping to find that jacket on sale for a good price, you may be sorely disappointed. That's not to say Amazon doesn't include some pretty good deals on clothing and other non-tech products, it's just that you probably would be better off waiting until Labor Day or Black Friday for these deals.

Stick to the tech categories during Prime Day to find the best offers. Deals around Amazon devices like the Echo Dot smart speakers, Fire TV Sticks, Fire TVs, Wi-Fi security systems, and other home-based smart tech are where the best offers will be at. Whether your buying for yourself or reselling, it's going to work out best for you if you do!

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3. Take advantage of Prime Day credits

Amazon is offering a bunch of ways to get free credits towards your Prime Day purchases, including earning stamps that net you $10 just for doing basic actions like listening to a song on Amazon Music Prime. These are easy tasks that take little to no effort for earning free money towards your Prime Day purchases.

The first is collecting all 4 Prime Day stamps to collect $10 credit. This is the easiest way to get free money, as it requires basic actions like making a Prime-eligible purchase, streaming a show on Prime Video, borrowing an eBook on Prime reading, and as stated listening to a song with Amazon Music Prime.

There are a few other ways to do this, such as purchasing a Lightyear movie ticket or merchandise, but at the end of it all you can get up to $40 in credits total! Don't let that money go to waste.

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