The best Xbox controller just got a great price cut ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Gamers will love the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

An Xbox Elite controller
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If you've ever lost an online game from pressing to wrong button or missed an open goal on Fifa when you swear you pressed the shoot button, you might need to upgrade your controller. Xbox and PC players are in luck as the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

The Xbox Elite Controller (Core Edition) is now £104 on Amazon, a pretty handy 10% off, so if you're planning to upgrade, or just getting into PC or competitive gaming - now's the perfect time to upgrade. 

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Core Edition (White): was £114.99 now £104.00

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Core Edition (White): was £114.99 now £104.00
Not just a beautiful bit of kit, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 offers a heap of performance upgrades to the standard pad. Improved battery life, re-mappable inputs and adjustable joysticks can make a big difference to your gaming quality of life. 

But where does the Elite Controller improve on the standard gamepad? Well aside from looking much sleeker, the most obvious improvement comes to the battery life. The standard Xbox Series X controller will get around 30 hours of charge from one set of batteries, the Elite Controller however not only has 40 hours of use, it also uses a rechargeable battery, so bye bye AA's. 

The Dpad (AKA the 'arrow buttons') on the Elite Controller has a wider range of circular movement rather than four fixed directions, which isn't just great for spamming Hadoukens on Street Fighter. Those who love shooters will be enamoured by the hair triggers that will give you an edge in a firefight.

There are two additional triggers on the rear of the controller that have programmable inputs while the ability to customise 20 of the 24 inputs on the controller will be a gamechanger for those with accessibility needs or who just want to have things their way. If you share your console with roomates or family members, don't worry about them messing with your perfect set up either, you can save 3 entirely separate profiles on the controller. 

If you don't mind paying more for extra thumbsticks and a carry case, check out the hardcore version of this controller but I don't think to extra £40 is a necessary expense. If you're a PlayStation fan and feeling jealous, check out our DualSense Edge review.

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