The best Google Nest Mini Black Friday deals

Google's Nest Mini is a worthy competitor to Amazon's Echo Dot. Don't miss out on these Black Friday deals

Google Nest Mini
(Image credit: Google)

If you're on the hunt for some fantastic deals then we have some good news: Black Friday 2020 is finally here, bringing with it deep discounts on pretty much everything. We're tracking the deals over the period, including some cut-price offers for Google's Nest Mini smart speaker.

Google's Nest Mini, which replaces the Google Home Mini, is a lot like Amazon's Echo Dot, a small smart speaker backed up by Google Assistant that is best used to control your other smart home devices, like the lights, or set reminders, message friends, play songs, and so on.

The speaker inside the Nest Mini is passable but we'd definitely recommend hooking it up to a bigger set, which has the added advantage of turning those 'smart'. Nest Mini works with all the major streaming services and can play radio and so on, too.

We're big fans of both Nest Mini and Echo Dot and there really isn't much between them, although we would say that Assistant has the edge over Alexa, especially if you're already in the Android ecosystem. 


Max Slater-Robins

Max Slater-Robins has written for T3 now on and off for over half a decade, with him fitting in serious study at university in between. Max is a tech expert and as such you'll find his words throughout, appearing in everything from reviews and features, to news and deals. Max is specifically a veteran when it comes round to deal hunting, with him seeing out multiple Black Friday campaigns to date.