The best Black Friday induction hob deals right now!

Here are some of the best Black Friday induction deals for your immediate delectation

What is an induction hob?
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If you’re thinking of switching from gas to an electric hob, these Black Friday induction hob deals are a steal. As anyone who has made the switch will testify, when it comes to hob top cooking, induction is a fantastic alternative to gas. It’s just as controllable and yet far more energy efficient because unlike a gas hob where the entire pan is heated over a flame – irrespective of the amount of ingredients in it – induction hobs use magnetism to heat only the ingredients and not the hob area the pan sits on. This makes induction cooking immensely responsive to temperature control changes. It also makes induction really safe for children because the surface of the hob doesn’t get scorching hot like it does with gas or ceramic. All you need is a set of magnetic ferrous metal pans and you’re good to go.

You can see which induction hobs we rate the highest in our carefully curated guide to the Best Induction Hobs. However, if it’s Black Friday deals you’re after, then stick with this page, scroll through the list and grab yourself a screamingly good Black Friday deal. For extra reassurance, we’ve kept our sights on trusted brands only and avoided ultra cheap nasties like el plago.

Best Black Friday induction hob deals to whet the appetite

Neff N30 T36CA50X1U 59cm Induction Hob

Neff N30 T36CA50X1U 59cm Induction Hob was £379 now £319
Neff is a lead player in the pantheon of hob-top techery and this £60-off deal is too good to miss. For starters the N30 has a low power rating (3.1kW) which means it can be plugged into any UK wall socket. You get four cooking zones with this 59cm model and 9-stage variable power settings with a Boost feature for speedy boiling. If you’re going to spend low, then Neff is a safe place to be.

Beko Pro HII64201MT 58 cm Electric Induction Hob

Beko Pro HII64201MT 58 cm Electric Induction Hob was £299 now £249

Beko is a hugely popular budget brand and deals don’t come much better than this. Granted, £60 off may not seem like the deal of the century but, come on, £249 for a fully-fledged built-in four-zone induction hob with 7.2kW of speedy oomph, power boost and safety child lock fitted as standard? What’s not to like?

John Lewis JLBIIH617 Induction Hob

John Lewis JLBIIH617 Induction Hob was £559 now £399
This reduced-to-clear offer is well worth a punt. Aside from the usual gamut of features like pan-size detection, PowerBoost for frying and other high-heat duties, this model also includes direct temperature access which reduces the amount of stabbing at buttons to reduce the temperature. But best of all, it also features a Boil Pro function that detects rising bubbles when boiling liquids and then automatically reduces the liquid to a gentle simmer. We thinks £399 is a steal for this level of tech.

Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob

Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob was £79.99 now £59

If you fancy dipping the toes into the world of induction cooking or need an extra single-zone hob to compliment your existing gas or induction one, the Tefal Everyday is a sterling choice. At just 13.5 x 10.9cm, this hob is also the perfect solution for studio living, office kitchens and caravanning. It behaves in exactly the same was as any full-sized built-in induction hob and boils water and cooks stuff with the same speedy efficiency. Only it costs just £59. Buy one now! It’s not at #2 in our guide to the Best Induction Hobs for nothing.

Bosch Series 4 PIE631BB5E 59cm Induction Hob

Bosch Series 4 PIE631BB5E 59cm Induction Hob was £549 now £399

When it comes to most large and medium home appliances, you can’t go wrong with a Bosch. Okay, this reduced model doesn’t bring anything especially mind-blowing to the worktop though it does have a QuickStart function that senses where you’ve placed the pot so you can start cooking immediately. In the arena of induction hobbery this model’s well worth a gander, especially given the £150 price reduction which you can put towards some new induction-friendly pans.

Neff N70 60cm 4 Zone Induction Hob

Neff N70 60cm 4 Zone Induction Hob was £959 now £799
This £160-off deal is one of the best we’ve seen. Yes, it’s a higher-end model but then it does come with a raft of extra bells and whistles to whet the appetite, like FlexInduction, which quite literally lets you place your pots and pans anywhere on the hob’s 60cm surface, heating them where they stand. Nice. 

AEG IKE64441FB 59 cm Electric Induction Hob was £559 now £399

AEG IKE64441FB 59 cm Electric Induction Hob was £559 now £399

AEG is another brand we love and trust so we consider the £160 reduction on this cracking hob a damn good deal that’s worth shouting about. Unlike many induction hobs that normally sell at this reduced price level throughout the year, this model comes with a bridge function that lets you join two cooking zones together so they share the same temperature and time setting, a very handy feature when using large oblong cookware like griddles and roasting tins.

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