The Aura Smart Sleep Mask is finally here — here's everything you need to know

It's currently 30% off and available for pre-order

Aura Smart Sleep Mask
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It was August 2023 when we were first introduced to the Aura Smart Sleep Mask. Still in the middle stages of its manufacturing process, Aura had just come to the end of an intensive market survey, testing 30 products over six months in order to find the perfect design. It had recently launched on Kickstarter but was already standing out as an impressive entry to the wellness tech industry. 

At the time, I had an interesting discussion with Andy Chow and Adrian Wong, Aura's founders. The pair set up the brand in order to empower individuals to take control of their own sleep, with Adrian previously working as Product Marketing and Engineer for Phillips, and Andy positioned as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. Both seemed extremely passionate about their creation, and it was exciting to hear about the level of effort and commitment that had taken place backstage. 

Cut to nearly seven months later, and Aura has initiated the launch of its Smart Sleep Mask's. The mask is now available to pre-order in a Midnight Black shade, with shipping planned to take place on Thursday 14th March. 

Not only that, but the Aura Smart Sleep Mask is reduced by 30% as a launch date deal, taking it down from £265 ($329) to £185 ($229). Purchasers will also receive a free Aroma Air 3-pack and a free 3D Hug Cushion 2-pack. These are attachments that connect to the mask, with the Aroma Air providing a sleep-inducing scent and the 3D Hug Cushion making it more comfortable. 

Aura Smart Sleep Mask: was £265, now £185 at Aura (save £80)

Aura Smart Sleep Mask: was £265, now £185 at Aura (save £80)
The Aura Smart Sleep Mask is 30% off, with users also receiving a free Aroma Air 3-pack and a free 3D Hug Cushion 2-pack. It's currently available for pre-order, with shipping taking place on Thursday 14th March 2024. 

The Aura Smart Sleep Mask has a wide array of features that help create a personalised sleep experience for its users. The 100% blackout fabric allows users to take control of their circadian rhythm, the key to developing a healthy and consistent sleep routine. The mask’s Sunrise Wake Up feature further delivers a gradual increase in light, leaving users feeling refreshed before starting their day. 

It also has a magnetic and washable inner cover, designed to be eyelash friendly and hygienic. The mask weighs a mere 125g, making it adaptable to any sleeping position. 

The Aura Smart Sleep Mask is also accompanied by the Aura Dreamscape App, combining a blissful blend of meditation, guided breathwork, ASMR and nature sounds. The app is also designed to memorise its users preferred sounds and lighting, such as the glow level of the Sunrise Wake Up feature. 

Buy the Aura Smart Sleep Mask for £185 ($229) now 

Aura Smart Sleep Mask

(Image credit: Aura)
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