Aura Smart Sleep Mask: the revolutionary development in sleep technology

After launching its new Smart Sleep Mask, I met with Aura's founders to find out if it's the sleep saviour we need

Aura Smart Sleep Mask
(Image credit: Aura)

It’s no secret that a strong majority of the population have experienced insomnia or another sleeping disorder at some point in their life. Whilst a few restless nights are usually nothing to worry about, it can become extremely debilitating if a lack of sleep starts to affect your daily life. Even easily remedied issues such as a lumpy mattress (check out our guide on the best mattresses if this is true) or the heat (we have a guide on this as well!) can make things considerably worse. That is, before Aura entered the picture. 

Aura as a company was founded by Andy Chow and Adrian Wong, set up to empower individuals to take control of their own sleep and relaxation needs. Adrian previously worked as Product Marketing and Engineer for Phillips, remaining there for 16 years. Andy is an entrepreneur in the tech and electronic industry. 

For Aura, helping those that experience a daily struggle with restful sleep became a top priority. The anxiety-inducing effects of lockdown and Covid-19 called for an intervention that would help decrease stress and encourage a good night’s sleep. Andy commented that "most people would just grab a coffee to keep going during their day, this called for a solution to the problem."

Aura undertook an intensive market survey, testing 30 products over six months, in order to find the perfect design for its sleep mask. Many products were found to be extremely simple with a lack of comfortability, providing Aura with the building blocks for its own mask. Adrian says "we have collaborated with leading experts to design a perfect sleep mask with tailored features that will soothe even the most restless sleepers in a deep slumber." After nearly two years spent on the technology and make-up of the device, the Aura Smart Sleep Mask was ready to launch. 

Aura Smart Sleep Mask

(Image credit: Aura)

Focusing on "user experience as well as sleep quality", the Aura Smart Sleep Mask has a wide-ranging list of features that will create a personalised sleep environment for its user’s needs and preferences. 

The 100% blackout feature allows users to take control of their circadian rhythm, developing a healthy, consistent sleep routine. This alongside the mask’s Sunrise Wake Up, delivering a gradual increase in light, leaves users feeling refreshed and rested before they start their day. 

The physical features of the mask are also extremely impressive, showing the experienced and detailed craftsmanship of its designers. Its magnetic and washable inner cover, designed to be eyelash friendly due to sitting above the face, adds a comfortable and hygienic edge that most of Aura’s competition lack. The mask also weighs a mere 125g, making it adaptable to any sleeping position. 

Aura Smart Sleep Mask

(Image credit: Aura)

The mask is also accompanied by the Aura Dreamscape App, combining a blissful blend of meditation, guided breathwork, ASMR and nature sounds. These all work together to ease users into the deep sleep they deserve. The app is also designed to memorise its users preferred sounds and lighting, making it easy to quickly select the playlist you’d like before sending you off to sleep. 

It’s no doubt that Aura has made an impressive jump into the sleep technology industry. It is hard to find a curative technique that will help insomnia, especially when many causes behind the disorder are still being studied. However, the Aura Smart Sleep Mask is undeniably a step in the right direction. 

Lizzie Wilmot
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