The 3 cheapest air conditioner deals right now actually worth the money

It's way too hot to be spending hundreds of dollars on an AC that doesn't work

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Like most places across the states, I'm silently suffering in an unbearable heat wave that I just can't seem to escape. Windows open, fans on, and still the air is thick and muggy. I had to do something about it.

I recently started shopping for a new portable air conditioner, and with the price tags these things come with you'd think they'd transport you directly to Antarctica with their incredible cooling powers.

Sadly, the more I looked into it the more that wasn't the case – and so began the hunt for find a cheap portable air conditioner on sale that was actually good and worth the money.

While I won't say for certain that these cheap portable air conditioner deals will be your escape from the heat, these are the options I've narrowed my own choice down to based on price, value, and what the reviews are saying about them. Hopefully, they can help you narrow down your search, too, and help you beat the heat in the process.

3 Cheapest Portable AC's Worth The Money

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BLACK+DECKER 8,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

So the first portable AC I looked into is a pretty popular one, and for the price doesn't seem to be that bad.

The BLACK+DECKER BPP05WTB 8,000BTU portable air conditioner checks off all the boxes in terms of finding a unit that actually does what it's supposed to. It's a compact size that barely takes up any room, and handles rooms of up to 150 square feet with little issue.

Even better, it's a 2-in-1 portable AC and dehumidifier so it'll not only keep the place cool, it'll help keep it dry as well. If it's one thing that absolutely ruins a good day, it's a ton of humidity. This is the option I'm leaning towards because of this, since living in a fairly arid climate has made me hate humidity levels higher than 15%.

It also fits nicely into my budget of $350, thanks to Amazon's post-Prime Day sale happening on it right now. At 21% off (a savings of $80), I'm pretty confident this'll be the cheap portable air conditioner I buy since it's sitting nicely at $299.99.

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Honeywell 9,100BTU Portable AC

What attracted me to this option was the brand name. Honeywell is a solid choice for anything heating and cooling related, and offers some of the best machines on the market.

The prices usually reflect this, often running upwards of $400+ for a basic 400 square foot portable. This Honeywell, however, is sitting at a reasonable $339.99 at Amazon and is a tantalizing choice.

Acting as both a portable AC unit and an air filtration system, this thing is a godsend if you're a pet owner like me. It features a washable dual filtration system that clear things like pet dander, dust, and other particles from the air all while keeping any small to medium sized room nice and cool.

It's a bit higher in price, but not by much and is honestly pulling me away from the BLACK+DECKER option. The reviews don't lie on this option, though, as out of the 182 ratings this thing has a massive 72% of them are 5 star. 

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TURBRO Greenland 8,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

So far the absolute cheapest portable air conditioner on sale I feel may be worth my money is this TURBRO option. A 3-in-1 portable AC, fan, and dehumidifier all for only $289.99? How can I beat that.

It offers just about everything else the other two options include, from remote control to timer functions, quiet operation, and even a reusable filter to keep out hair and dust. But there has to be something up with it if it's only $290 right now, right?

Well, come to find out in many of the reviews on this thing in some cases it doesn't get as cool as expected. What exactly that means for some may vary, but the one thing I don't want for myself (and for you) is to get a shoddy portable AC unit.

The good news is that the customer service on this item is top notch, and in most cases the company flat out sends replacement parts or a replacement unit without much hassle. So maybe taking a gamble on this cheap $289.99 portable air conditioner may not be such a bad idea.

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Are there any portable air conditioners that actually work?

This was the first question I asked Google when doing a search for my new portable air conditioner unit. I've heard plenty of stories of these things promising the world and delivering next to nothing in terms of cooling.

However, I've had the pleasure of trying a few units out thanks to some friends and so far I've been pleasantly surprised. It definitely cuts down the power bill, and while they don't provide full house cooling like central air does, if you're stuck to a room they'll do the trick just fine.

Is it worth buying a portable air conditioner?

I'd have to say yes at this point. After getting the chance to use one for a bit, they've done a wonderful job of proving to me that they are indeed worth the buy.

The prices are a bit jarring, especially for someone like me who keeps it cheap, but if $300 is the price of admission to having a cheap way of staying cool I'll bite the bullet.

They reduced energy costs are also a big plus in the long run, as central AC systems can easily add upwards of $100 to $200 to the monthly bill in situations like this.

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