The 15-inch MacBook Air could be just weeks away from launch

Apple rune-readers predict the biggest ever MacBook Air will make its debut at WWDC 2023

Apple MacBook Air M2
(Image credit: Apple)

Is Apple history about to repeat? Last year at WWDC, Apple unveiled the M2 MacBook Air – and a new report says that this year at WWDC 2023 it's going to reveal a bigger, better version in the form of the much-rumoured 15-inch MacBook Air.

The report, by Bloomberg's impeccably connected Mark Gurman, says that the MacBook Air 15 will be one of a flurry of product announcements at WWDC. We'll also see watchOS 10, iOS 17, macOS 14 and, of course, Apple's Reality Pro AR/VR headset. Looks like Tim Cook has a busy shift ahead of him.

What to expect from the 15-inch MacBook Air

The 15-inch MacBook Air is not expected to have an M3, the next version of Apple's system on a chip: it's too early for that, as the processor isn't expected to make it into shipping Macs until later this year. 

An M2 processor is the most likely power plant: according to server logs that revealed the existence of what appears to be this Mac, it's running an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and 8GB RAM, which is the same as the M2. The resolution is the same as the current 14-inch MacBook Pro and it's running a test version of macOS 14, the next version of macOS.

We don't know how much this Air is going to cost, but given that the M2 Air is currently from £1,249 and the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro is £1,349, it's a safe bet that this isn't going to be one of the best budget laptops. But if you love the Air, don't need all the features of a MacBook Pro and want a bigger screen, it's likely to come in at considerably less than the 14-inch MacBook Pro. We'll find out more in a fortnight.

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