Tempur’s new smart bed base can help you and your partner stop snoring

Tempur launches first ever anti-snore smart bed, with AI technology and sleep tracking sensors

Tempur Ergo Smart Base
(Image credit: Tempur)
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Tempur has launched its first ever smart bed, the Tempur Ergo Smart Base. With integrated sleep tracking AI sensors, the Tempur Ergo Smart Base detects vibrations and makes adjustments to your posture to stop you from snoring.

Shoppers can customise the Tempur Ergo Smart Base to their sleep needs, which is available to buy for £1,999.

Leading mattress manufacturer, Tempur has just announced its first ever smart bed base to help sleepers stop snoring. The Tempur Ergo Smart Base has been dubbed an ‘anti-snore’ bed, thanks to its built-in sleep tracking sensors which detect snoring and adjust itself accordingly.

Known for its award-winning best mattress collection, Tempur has started to develop and reengineer its sleep products. The idea behind the new Tempur Ergo Smart Base is driven by snoring, as research has found that 42% of Brits say that they’re frequently disturbed by their partners’ snoring.

Responding to these statistics, Tempur has launched the Tempur Ergo Smart Base, with built-in SleepTracker-AI and Sleep Response technology. Rather than a microphone, the sensors work to detect micro-vibrations generated by snoring. Once the sensors detect snoring, the bed will automatically and gently adjust itself to raise the sleepers’ upper body to open the airways and stop snoring.

The Tempur Ergo Smart Base is completely adjustable, so users can customise it to their preferences, alongside the base lifting and dropping once it detects snoring and changes in sleep pattern. The bed frame has a head-foot lift and a pre-set Zero-G position which provides a weightless feeling when you sleep.

Tempur Ergo Smart Base

(Image credit: Tempur)

As a smart bed base, the Tempur Ergo Smart Base is engineered with sleep tracking features, similar to what you find with the best sleep trackers. To help improve your sleep hygiene, the base measures and monitors sleep analytics which you can view in the accompanying app. In the app, the Tempur Ergo Smart Base records your sleep patterns to show you a full sleep report, insights and recommendations into your behaviours and sleep quality.

When asked about the new Tempur Ergo Smart Base and cooling mattresses and pillows, Tobin James, UK Managing Director at Tempur commented that: “the pioneering Smart Base with Snore Response technology is one such product with the ability to completely reshape a customer’s relationship with sleep, and that of their partners too. These innovations bring something completely new to the table, offering genuine and tailored solutions for customers’ sleep-related needs.”

The Tempur Ergo Smart Base has many smart features, including an under-bed light, wireless remote, two-zone massaging and compatibility with Amazon Alexa voice commands and devices. The Tempur Ergo Smart Base can be fully designed by shoppers to their specific needs and preferences, including fabric, colour and size, with prices starting at £1,999 at Tempur.

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