TAXA's new rooftop tents are what glamping dreams are made of

TAXA's newest rooftop tents and trailer enhancements boast improved power, lighting, and storage solutions for campers

TAXA Outdoors launches its 2024 Evolutions of the popular Woolly Bear and Mantis adventure vehicles and debuts its MoonMoth rooftop tents
(Image credit: TAXA Outdoors)

TAXA Outdoors, manufacturer of lightweight, minimalist mobile habitats, has announced the 2024 Evolutions of its Mantis and Woolly Bear trailers, alongside the launch of two innovative rooftop tents, the MoonMoth Clamshell and MoonMoth Foldout.

TAXA claims the updated Mantis and Woolly Bear trailers claims cater to the evolving needs of modern outdoor adventurers, featuring new layout configurations, enhanced off-grid power solutions, customisable lighting, and optimised storage.

Garrett Finney, Founder and Chief Design Officer of TAXA Outdoors, expressed excitement about the new releases, stating, "Our goal is for folks to spend most of their time exploring nature and return to a basecamp that has been thoughtfully crafted to support their adventures."

The Mantis trailer (selling for an eye-watering $45,750), TAXA's flagship adventure vehicle, boasts a range of upgrades for 2024, including a redesigned tail layout, optimised storage solutions, upgraded cushions for enhanced comfort, and Bluetooth-controlled RGB LEDs for customisable ambience.

Meanwhile, the Woolly Bear trailer (prices from $13,999) receives its share of enhancements, such as a revamped kitchen storage system, quick disconnect awning brackets, and Bluetooth-controlled interior lighting.

In addition to the trailer updates, TAXA introduces its first rooftop tents, the MoonMoth Clamshell (MSRP $2,899) and MoonMoth Foldout (MSRP $2,999).

Designed for quick setup and maximum comfort, these aluminium hard-shell tents offer sleeping space for two to three campers on a 2-inch foam mattress.

With premium weather-resistant materials, ventilation windows, and panoramic views, TAXA claims these tents offer unparalleled convenience and durability.

The MoonMoth Clamshell and MoonMoth Foldout are compatible with TAXA's Mantis, TigerMoth, and Woolly Bear series, as well as almost any vehicle, making them versatile options for outdoor adventurers.

Designed in the US and built to last, all tents are now available at TAXA Outdoors. For more rooftop tent goodness, check out T3's coverage of the Thule Approach rooftop tent and TentBox's 2024 roof tents.

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