Car camping will never be the same thanks to these new TentBox roof tents

One for casual camping and the other for adventures, TentBox's new roof tents will help you sleep better on top of your car

TentBox tents mounted on a car
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It's not peak camping season just yet, but now is the perfect time to look around for new gear, as many outdoor retailers and manufacturers have started announcing their collections for the new season. British roof tent brand TentBox is one of these, launching not one but two new models in 2024.

Rooftop tents such as these have the advantage of being further away from the ground than standard tents, meaning it gets less cold inside the tent overnight. Roof tents are generally less hassle to put up and collapse – similar to pop-up tents, but with a 'proper' bed and plenty of organisational options.

The two models serve unique purposes, with the Cargo 2.0 being the best for 'rugged adventures' and the Classic 2.0 designed for 'ultimate comfort'. Both feature 'superior' waterproof and breathable fabrics and are available in 3 colours: Sunset Orange, Forest Green and the all-new Midnight Grey.

The rugged Cargo 2.0 is said to offer 'superior' breathability and a 3000mm waterproof rating, whilst the robust aluminium shell makes it TentBox's most rugged tent yet. Better still, it can be erected in just 45 seconds, according to the company.

The upgraded pod has a dual-layer memory foam mattress under a carpeted roof and a removable porch. Optional upgrades include extra windows for airflow, a PVC porch window, and improved hinges.

With ample storage, dimmable LED lights, and superior condensation management, the Cargo 2.0 is designed for elevated comfort and functionality.

The Classic 2.0 tent focuses on comfort without sacrificing much of the ruggedness. Featuring the same 'superior' breathability and a 3000mm waterproof rating, the Classic 2.0 also sports a robust matte black ABS Shell and can be set up in just 60 seconds, TentBox claims.

Compatible with any vehicle, the upgraded pod adds a 'luxury' dual-layer memory foam mattress with a waterproof cover and 3D-mesh roof lining. With propped doors forming a porch, four extra side pockets, and compatibility with accessories, the Classic 2.0 is the ultimate home-from-home experience for car campers.

The TentBox Cargo 2.0 costs £2,595, while the TentBox Classic 2.0 will set you back £2,195. Both are available now at TentBox. The company currently only ships to the UK. US and AU prices and availability TBC.

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