TalkTalk launches super cheap, super fast 1 gig broadband in time for Black Friday

Behold, speedy internet at a very reasonable price

TalkTalk Future Fibre
(Image credit: TalkTalk)

TalkTalk has launched a new Future Fibre 1Gb and Total Home Wi-Fi package for just £49.00 a month, which it claims is the best value 1Gb fibre package currently available on the market. 

TalkTalk’s new package includes two Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi devices, which debuted back in September providing strong speeds and wide coverage. Total Home Wi-Fi is bundled in the package as standard, which is the TalkTalk package that enables Future Fibre customers to extend their Wi-Fi coverage by integrating additional Amazon eero devices.

The need for ultrafast, reliable, and affordable connectivity has never been greater – and many companies are gearing up to deliver speed upgrades, including Virgin Media O2, which has recently made mega-fast gigabit broadband available to over 90% of its UK network.

The package itself is reasonably priced: £49 per month on an 18-month term includes uncapped usage, average downloads of 927Mbps (uploads of 91Mbps), as well as the previously mentioned Amazon mesh (Wi-Fi 6) routers. As part of the offer is the Fixed Price Plus clause, which means that users won't incur a price increase at the end of the term, and TalkTalk adds that users can expect a suite of internet security features, plus free installation.

TalkTalk Future Fibre

(Image credit: TalkTalk Future Fibre)

Asanga Gunatillaka, TalkTalk’s Commercial Director, said: “An unreliable connection and blank spots around the home have long been sources of frustration, but we believe this will soon be consigned to the history books." This, of course, has become especially pronounced for home workers throughout the pandemic where blank spots are not only problematic but also impair people's ability to perform their job. Many a Zoom call has been ruined by patchy network coverage irrespective of users dropping cash on the best mesh network hardware, as well as the best wireless routers. Your home wi-fi tech is only as good as the network that feeds it.

Whether TalkTalk's Future Fibre package can prove itself beyond mere words on the page remains to be seen. However, should it meet its claims of being the fastest and most reliable offering on the market, then it would make it one of the cheapest 1Gbps broadband packages on Openreach’s national network and is probably worth taking a punt on.

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