T3's favourite memory foam pillow just got a rare price drop

The Panda Bamboo Memory Foam pillow is on sale now – along with a bunch of other excellent sleep accessories

Panda Bamboo Memory foam pillow
(Image credit: Panda)

One of our favourite bedding brands, Panda, is having a summer sale with some seriously good price drops across many of its sleep accessories. The deal that caught our eye is 22% off the Panda pillow – currently our top memory foam pick in our best pillow ranking, and picking up the full five stars in our Panda bamboo memory foam pillow review.

To the uninitiated, a memory foam pillow can sound unappealing. If you're imagining laying your head on a great wodge of sweaty, unyielding plastic, you should rethink – many of our favourite pillows are made of memory foam, and the Panda one is a particular standout. The sustainable bamboo cover is super-soft and stretchy, and the inner cradles your head gently, supporting it in place. It also manages to remain impressively cool all night. 

Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow|  was £44.95, now £34.95 at Panda (save £10)

Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow| was £44.95, now £34.95 at Panda (save £10)
The Panda pillow is made from softly supportive memory foam, with an eco-friendly, cooling bamboo cover. We're big fans. These don't often get discounted, but right now there's over 20% off.

That's not the only Panda sleep accessory on sale. Check out the rest of the discounts below...

Panda Memory Foam mattress topper|  was from £99.95, now from £79.95 at Panda (save £20 or more)

Panda Memory Foam mattress topper| was from £99.95, now from £79.95 at Panda (save £20 or more)
A mattress topper can transform an old, tired mattress – and this one gets you all the benefits of memory foam without the need to shell out for a whole new mattress. This topper is one the softer side, so ideal if you prefer a more sumptuous sleep surface. Head to our Panda mattress topper review to find out more.

Panda Kids Cloud duvet|  was £59.95, now £42.50 at Panda (save £17)

Panda Kids Cloud duvet| was £59.95, now £42.50 at Panda (save £17)
We loved the adult version of this duvet (see our five-star Panda Cloud duvet review for more). Sadly that's not included in the sale, but if you feel like treating your kids to a luxurious, well made, hypoallergenic new duvet, now's the time.

Ruth Hamilton

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