T3 Quick Hit: Roberts RT100: a USB turntable from the radio experts

What could be more retro than a vinyl player with built-in amp, made by the stalwarts of the British radio biz?

With the vinyl renaissance in full swing, British audio specialist Roberts has decided to get in on the action with the RT100.

Ticking any number of convenience boxes, this smart new record player forms part of its growing R-Line range of 'smart' devices.

With a fetching 'real wood veneer' (okay, so not real wood really) body and removable, clear dust cover in gen-u-ine perspex, the RT100 taps into that retro vibe, daddio.

However, there's a modern twist in the form of, inevitably, USB connectivity and also a phono pre-amp, so you can plug it straight into any speaker or external amplifier – many older or more expensive turntables require an external phono pre-amp.

The cartridge is made by Audio-Technica, so there's no stinting on quality here. There's also a convenient auto-stop function, and a 2-speed switch to move between 33 and 45rpm, obviously. If you favour 78rpm shellac disks, you're sadly out of luck. 

Console yourself with the knowledge that the USB output means you can rip your favourite albums to MP3, WAV, FLAC or whatever. Then you can carefully put your precious vinyl away, and never ever play it again. Textbook.

Launched to celebrate Roberts' 85th birthday, the British-made RT100 will be available from August 2017 for a penny shy of 250 quid.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln has been writing for T3 for over half a decade now, covering everything from mobile phones and laptops right through to video games and gaming peripherals. Purveyor of an excellent beard, as well as some perpetually cheeky offspring, Dom likes to wind down in his spare time by listening to heavy metal.