T3 Awards 2020: Scooms scoops up a prize for its Hungarian goose down duvet

This top quality duvet will keep you cosy all year round

Scooms Hungarian goose down duvet
(Image credit: Scooms)

Scooms' Hungarian goose down duvet is the winner the Best Duvet award, a new addition to our lineup of prizes in the T3 Awards 2020. Specifically, it's the all-season option we love. This clever system is designed to keep you cosy (or cool) in all but the most extreme of temperatures. 

There's a 9-tog duvet that should suit you in the spring or autumn, and a lightweight 4.5-tog that's perfect for warmer summer months. Then in the depths of winter, you can combine the two to make one 13.5-tog super-duvet, for ultimate cosiness. Snap fixings keep everything in place when you're using the two together. 

This brilliant duvet feels as luxurious as you could hope for. The stuffing – 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% small white goose feather – feels snuggly, cosy and comfy. Small pockets to keep the stuffing securely in place and distributed evenly.

Scooms Hungarian goose down duvet

(Image credit: Scooms)

There's top-quality casing made from 300 thread count, Supersoft sateen cotton, double-stitched for extra durability. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy too: the tight weave of the casing is designed to make this duvet down- and dust mite-proof.  In fact, Scooms' duvets boast multiple certifications for allergy-preventing, dust-mite-proofing and being free from 'harmful toxins and chemicals'. 

Finally, there are some reassuring ethical credentials. The packaging is entirely plastic-free and recyclable, and the stuffing is certifiably ethically sourced (it's a by-product of the food industry). And there's a 60-night trial, and 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

If you're looking for a luxurious duvet that'll adapt to your needs whatever the temperature, Scooms should be your first stop.

Ruth Hamilton

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