T3 Awards 2020: Ryze Tello is untouchable in the Budget Drone category

For the second year running, the Ryze Tello flies away with the award for Best Budget Drone

Ryze Tello
(Image credit: Ryze)

Picking up the T3 Award 2020 in the Budget Drone category is DJI's Ryze Tello. This dinky quadcopter was our top pick in 2019, and there's still nothing that can touch it when it comes to drones that do a lot for very little money. 

The Tello remains firmly at the top at the pack in this category because, quite simply, there's no other similarly priced drone that offers anything like the specs and performance on offer here. Check out the closest competitors in our guide to the best cheap drones 2020

Packing flight technology from drone kings DJI (the company behind many of the very best drones right now), the Tello is ideal for new pilots – and at under £100, it's an absolute bargain.

Getting started with the Ryze Tello is super simple, and there's plenty more to dig into for more confident fliers, too. Newbies can configure their first flight using the Tello app, then simply throw this the Ryze Tello in the air and the drone will do the rest for you. As you become more confident, you can experiment with more flips and stunts via the app. Excitingly, this budget drone is also fully programmable – you can code your own modes and flight characteristics in Scratch. 

While you'll have to spend a little more for the best quality aerial footage, the camera on board the Ryze Tello is not to be sniffed at. There's a 720p30 camera supported by an Intel processor and on-board EIS to help keep your lofty shots smooth. Make use of auto flight modes to capture your own cinematic footage, including 360 filming.

Finally, it's lightweight (just 80g!), small enough to pop into your backpack, and crafted from high-quality components. If you're a fledgling flier looking for a drone that won't break the bank, this should be your top choice.

Full shortlist: Ryze Tello, Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV, Potensic A20 Mini Drone, Eachine E520S, Potensic D85

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