T3 Agenda: Urbanista's sleek new Rome neckband earphones, Logitech's powerful Flow software and more

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In this week's first take on the T3 Agenda, we give our tunes an update on the move with Urbanista's new neckband earphones, we control up to three computers with one mouse and more...

Add some Scandinavian style to your on-the-go tunes with Urbanista's Rome neckband earphones

Swedish audio firm Urbanista has just unveiled its latest Bluetooth device, the sleek and stylish Rome wireless neckband. With 16 hours of playback on a single charge, these new earphones are a must for on-the-go tunes.

The Rome headset features a light and flexible Bluetooth neckband with built-in controls for music and calls, so Rome users can multitask in style without having to reach for their phone. It's neckband has been shaped to sit comfortably around the neck, featuring control buttons on the right side and convenient magnetic ends to easily attach earbuds when not in use.

The Urbanista Rome Bluetooth neckband is also IPX4 water resistant and offers a standby time of 600 hours (with a whole 16 hours of talking/music time ), so you travel further than ever before with one single charge.

The Rome wireless neckband earphones are available from uk.urbanista.com for £59.00.

Control up to three computers with a single peripheral thanks to Logitech's MX Mice and Flow

Logitech has just unveiled Logitech Flow, an intriguing new software that enables you to seamlessly control up to three computers with a single mouse. The software just happens to be compatible with Logitech's next-generation flagship mice, the Logitech MX Master 2S and the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S, so you can turn your home PC setup into one of those terminals from The Matrix.

With Logitech Flow - which is available as a free download as part of the Logitech OptionsTM software - you can take multi-computer use to a new level with a mouse. You can seamlessly copy and paste content, images and documents between the three computers. Better yet, Logitech Flow is easy to set up, and has a simple user interface so everyone can get using more than one PC or laptop.

The new mice are expected to be available in June at Logitech.com and select retail stores. The Logitech MX Master 2S are priced at £89.99, and the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S for £79.99.

Nvidia's Shield TV gets Plex support and more with new Experience Upgrade patch

Nvidia has just launched the latest update for Shield TV -  Shield Experience Upgrade 5.2 - and it's bringing a raft of new features to 4K video streamer. Said software brings improvements and updates from partners Plex including Live TV, DVR and the ability to write to Network Attached Storage devices (NAS).

Shield TV is already a powerful 4K streaming device, but adding in support for Prey (with its ability to sync up your film, TV show, music, and photo collections) enables you to locally store, organise and display your media on the big screen - as well as seamlessly streaming it to other screens through your device.

The 4K streamer is also the only device that's both a Plex client and media server – making it the only low power solution capable of accessing all yor media, watching live TV, scheduling a recording, playing that recording back locally and more. Add in support for Plex Plus (which includes access to Plex Cloud, offline playback, etc) and you've just made a powerful box even beefier.

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