T3 Agenda: SteelSeries' Apex M750 gaming keyboard. The Myzone MZ-60 fitness tracker. And more!

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements from the world of tech

In today's triumphant returning edition of the T3 Agenda - upgrade your PC gaming with the SteeSeries M750; take fitness tracking to another level with MYZONE's MZ-60. And much more...

SteelSeries' latest gaming keyboard is a versatile tool that works as good as it looks

SteelSeries has announced a brand new gaming keyboard is in the works, and the firm promises it's going to be a 'complete package' with all the mechanical, neon-lit bells and whistles you could ever need in a gaming peripheral.

The Apex M750 includes SteelSeries' own (and brand new) QX2 mechanical switches, per key RGB lighting and Engine Apps connectivity, giving us gamers the, "ultimate combination of beauty, performance and customisation".

With a guaranteed lifetime of 50 million key presses, the kitchen sink-esque SteelSeries Apex M750 is available now for $149.99 (£116) direct from SteelSeries.com.

Pair up with a state-of-the-art heartbeat sensor with the new Myzone MZ-60 fitness tracker

Fitness tech firm Myzone has just launched a brand new fitness tracker, offering an ideal way to track your performance on a run or workout without having to keep your smartphone on you at all times.

The MZ-60 - which can be paired with a Myzone MZ-3 belt sensor (sold separetely, mind) - can track all your calories burned and distances travelled, using that data with the Myzone app to create bespoke targets unique to your input. You can earn achievement-style Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) to show off how well your doing.

The new Myzone watches are available in two sizes for bigger and smaller wrists and are priced at £99.99 and the MZ-3 tracker costs £129.99. The belt and watch are available in a bundle for £179.99.

Motorola launches VerveCam+, a lifestyle cam with live streaming

Motorola continues to make its mark on the action cam market with the VerveCam+, offering a versatile little cam that can work anywhere and live stream direct to YouTube with a minimum of fuss.

Lightweight, portable and waterproof, the Motorola VerveCam+ is built to capture all your action-packed adventures. From snowboarding to jet-skiing to rock-climbing, this action cam can record all your moves with a 138˚ wide angle lens and in brilliant 2.5K so you, and your friends, don’t miss a thing. 

With 90 minutes of video capture, users can even take shots in water up to a depth of 25m. The Motorola VerveCam+ is now available for £149.99 and the accessory action pack for £39.99 on Amazon.

You can now control your EE set top box with Amazon Alexa

EE's long-serving EE TV service has now became one of the first set top boxes world-wide to offer a skill for Amazon Alexa. That's right - EE TV will now support Alexa voice control through Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, meaning you can just ask for information on what's on, or record your favourite shows with a few uttered words.

So you can ask, “Alexa, ask EE TV what’s on tonight?” and Alexa will respond with three recommendations provided from the same source that supplies Freeview Picks. You can also ask about shows on any Freeview channel for either now or the following day. Pretty cool, huh? You can link EE TV to your Alexa account by enabling the EE TV skill via the Alexa app right now.

Hoover launches some new energy efficient (and rather colourful) vacuums

Hoover is about to launch a new set of vacuum cleaners that will be ready for the ERP (Energy Related Product) guidelines that come into effect this September. The new Hurricane Evo and Breeze Evo vacuum cleaners offer an energy efficient way to keep your abode clean and tidy without destroying your leccy bill.

The Hurricane Evo is an upright vacuum designed with pet owners in mind, with a mini turbo brush to loosen and remove stubborn pet hair. Not only is Hurricane Evo eco-friendly, it also has a large 3L bin, a hose length of 4.5m and a 6m cord. This vacuum offers ample above floor cleaning functionality with a 2-in-1 tool, as well as edge-to-edge cleaning and 13 stair reach. 

The Breeze Evo and Breeze Evo Pets upright vacuums are easy to use, A+ rated and have an annual kW/h assessment of 22. Each has a large 3L bin, 7m cord and 4.5m hose length. The pets vacuum also includes a rotating mini turbo brush specifically designed to loosen embedded pet hair.

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