T3 Agenda: Simultaneous audio via the SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones. KEF's new Kube subwoofer range. And more!

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In today's T3 Agenda - SteelSeries offers a new headset that can support wired and wireless audio at the same time; a new Kube range of speakers from KEF; and more...

SteelSeries' Arctis 3 offers Bluetooth and wired audio all at once in the same headset

PC peripheral and headset specialist SteelSeries has just unveiled the new Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset, offering simultaneous audio through both wired and Bluetooth connections. SteelSeries’ new headset allows for chat or music connections through apps such as Discord over Bluetooth while also receiving wired audio connections with PC or console like PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The headset is ideal for Switch users. You can connect to your phones via Bluetooth and use the Nintendo Switch Online chat mobile app, while still using the wired connection to hear game audio from your Nintendo Switch. The Arctis 3 Bluetooth is available now, direct from SteelSeries, for only £134.99.

KEF's new Kube range offers audio versatility with art installation looks

British loudspeaker maker KEF has embraced the cuboid for its latest design, the striking and angular Kube range. The new collection uses a new Digital Signal Processing algorithm (DSP) known as iBX that extends depth to maximise your audio experience.

The Kube12b, Kube10b, and Kube8b offer three driver size and come with three DSP controlled EQ settings that help match Kube to any room placement. Set up Kube for convenience, pair it to any main speaker, or with any type of music system and start exploring new depths in sound. The Kube8b (£500), Kube10b (£600) and Kube 12b (£700) are available now.

Canon's new laser projector offers 4K goodness for the business or home

Canon has unveiled the XEED 4K600Z, a new compact and higher-than-native 4K laser phosphor projector. Using an impressive 6,000 lumens to deliver premium quality and clear imaging, it's perfect for professional uses such as simulation, design, education, creative installations and digital signage, as well as at home.

Alongside its powerful image brightness and clarity, the XEED 4K600Z also boasts the unrivalled compact size and functionality of its predecessor - the XEED 4K600STZ - as well as a throw ratio of 1.34-2.35:1, a native 4K resolution of 4096 x 2400, LCOS technology and AISYS enhancement.

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