T3 Agenda: Go boldly with Star Trek Bridge Crew, Bosch's smart indoor/outdoor cameras and more

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In today's edition of the T3 Agenda, we take a bold step into a new frontier of VR with Star Trek Bridge Crew, we give our home an extra layer of security with Bosch's smart indoor/outdoor cameras and more...

HTC Vive (and more) join Starfleet with the launch of Star Trek Bridge Crew

It's taken its time to reach warp speed, but Star Trek: Bridge Crew is finally about to engage on HTC Vive. The team-based VR simulation sees you working as a group to fly a Federation vessel and attempt to keep the dish-shaped ship in one piece, and HTC has now unveiled a special bundle with its premium-quality Vive headset.

No, you haven't contracted a case of Levodian Flu and misheard us - every new HTC Vive headset will come bundled with a free (and full) copy of Star Trek: Bridge Crew. 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew features single-player and up to four player online co-op multiplayer where the Federation dispatches you and your crew to command the new vessel U.S.S. Aegis as part of a critical initiative. With Vive, gamers can use a single set of Lighthouse base stations to enable local multi-player for an entire Bridge Crew.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is out now on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

Give your home a smart and secure option with Bosch's new indoor and outdoor cameras

Bosch's Smart Home range has just gone on sale in the UK, and includes a whole raft of products to help bring your abode into the 21st century - including two rather nifty new security cameras.

The Bosch Indoor camera has 360-degree coverage and guaranteed privacy due to retractable camera head. The intercom system enables two-way communication, while the Integrated motion sensors allow only relevant incidents to be recorded. Recording is in HD quality with local, encrypted storage.

Then there's the Bosch Eyes Outdoor Camera, which keeps a constant eye on your home via the Smart Home Camera App. HD video transmission is in colour (even at night), and the the intercom system enables two-way communication, while motion detection triggers recording.

The range also includes a Smart Home controller, Indoor Climate Starter Kit, Radiator Thermostat, Door / Window Contact, Smart Plug, Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor, Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor Starter Set, Smoke Detector, Motion Detector and Security Starter Kit.

The Bosch 360°-Indoor Camera is available now with a price tag of £239.95. The Bosch Eyes-Outdoor Camera is also ready for purchase, with a price of only £329.95.

Tunable lighting controls are now available with Amazon Alexa

Amazon has just confirmed tunable lighting controls have just been patched into Amazon Alexa, enabling you to fine tune your smart lighting via Hive, Hue and many other smart bulb products on the market.

With tunable lighting control you can set the scene for your mood or change the look and feel of your environment, by choosing from an array of RGB colours.  You can set up bespoke colours, define the temperature of white light by name and the ability to increase or decrease the level of white light via its Kelvin value.

The update might seem a little technical, but if you're into customising your smart products at the minutest level, then this update to the features in the Alexa Smart Home Skill API will definitely be up your alley.

Check out the latest Amazon Blog post for more info.

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