Survey results: Foursquare will lose to Facebook Places

But Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley says otherwise...

82 per cent say they'll make the jump to Facebook Places

Following on from Yesterday's announcement that Facebook Places plans to take on Foursquare in the geo-location tagging social networking market (yes, that is a market), the web has been divided as to which service will make it in the long run. Given Facebook's omnipresence and sheer number of users, Foursquare instantly seems like it has a challenge ahead, which a topical poll confirms.

A survey of 1,184 people by UK website showed that 82 per cent are “unlikely to continue to use Foursquare once Places launches in the UK.”

Most gave the reason that more of their friends would probably be on Facebook Places, or that more of their friends would have at least heard of it, as opposed to its still relatively small competitor.

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Despite this damming result, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley remained upbeat after yesterday's annoucnement, making the analogy of Flickr - which still lives on despite Facebook photos being more widely used. Crowley did concede that a refresh was needed, though, saying:

"We already allow users to publish their 4SQ checkins into the Facebook News Feed and we're eventually going to allow users to push them into the Facebook Checkin Feed. I'd imagine we'll probably pull FB checkins into 4SQ too. We're in the middle of a redesign and some new feature launches, so we're going to get through those before getting started on FB integration."

Can both location-based social services live on? Let us know on the T3 Twitter Feed.

Via MyVoucherCodes and TechRadar