I wish Philips and Oral-B would learn from this sustainable electric toothbrush

Suri is the world's most sustainable electric toothbrush, with recyclable plant-based head and bristles

Suri electric toothbrush standing on a bathroom countertop
(Image credit: Suri)

I've reviewed all of the best electric toothbrushes from Oral-B and Philips but I've always felt guilty that these products are not the most environmentally friendly. You see, although these household electrical appliances are small, according to new electric toothbrush brand Suri, they make up 2% of landfill waste.

Of course, you can get manual bamboo toothbrushes, but if you're after the best clean then you'll want to go electric, as they're proven to help you achieve a better clean and reduce plaque. There's more information about that in our manual brusing vs electric toothbrush breakdown.

Suri, which is short for “sustainable rituals”, has designed an eco-friendly electric toothbrush in a bid to combat the carbon footprint of oral care.

The Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush is built with a right to repair in mind, and features an aluminium handle and plant-based heads. Unlike other electric models, the body can be easily dismantled by Suri for recycling or repair when sent back. 

Suri electric toothbrush standing on a bathroom countertop

(Image credit: Suri)

You can also get a lifetime guarantee under a subscription plan that covers the replacement of brush heads every one to three months, as well as free maintenance. This includes 'hassle-free mail-back' recycling for all their products to ensure that none of its brushes ends up in landfills or oceans. 

 When it comes to cleaning performance, the sonic technology delivers 33,000 brush movements per minute and the rechargeable battery powers the toothbrush for 30-plus days between charges.

The Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush comes with a UV-C LED light clean and charge travel case, keeping your brush ready to use while killing up to 99% of the bacteria that builds up in the toothbrush head with built-in cleaning lights.

You also get a magnetic wall-mountable toothbrush stand.

Are you ready to replace your Oral-B or Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush (when it stops working)? The Suri electric toothbrush is available for pre-order now from Suri's website and will be released in early spring 2022. 

It will have an RRP of £120, but the brand is currently offering a 40-percent pre-launch discount, with the toothbrush, magnetic wall-mountable stand and UV-light clean and charge case available for £72.

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