Super fast Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 drops to best ever price in Amazon Spring sale

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Surface 9 Pro
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These days it's hard to tell where a tablet ends and a laptop begins, 2-in1 machines are super popular now and for good reason. They combine sleek form factors with touchscreens and laptop-level power. 

One of the chief culprits is Microsoft with its excellent Surface range of laptop/tablet hybrids. Now for Amazon's Spring Sale you can grab the ultrafast Surface Pro 9 for a cut price. The i5 model is on sale for £829 but we like the suped-up Intel Core i7 version more. Not only is it the superior machine, it's also the better deal with a massive 38% off. That brings its price down from £1599 to a steal at £999, the lowest it has ever been. 

With that i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, the Surface Pro 9 we've highlighted is capable of mixing it with the best laptops without worry. But then when you're bored of work, you've also got a powerhouse tablet with a gorgeous 13" screen, perfect for use with a stylus like the Surface Slim Pen 2 which offers tactile feedback to imitate the feel of drawing or writing on paper. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 9:

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Was £1599 now £999 at Amazon

Both a capable laptop and tablet, the Surface Pro 9 is a slick and speedy choice of computer. This model features an impressive Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM, meaning it's not to be messed with.

It's not just a powerhouse machine, but practical too. The Pro 9 features an impressive battery life and despite its slim frame, it has two USB-C ports to boot. Of course, as a Microsoft device, it's a dream to use with its Office suite of software as well.

This model doesn't include the compatible keyboard, but I would suggest getting one if you can, it not only makes it easier to use as a traditional laptop but also acts as a neat cover when folded over.  

If you're after an ultra-portable laptop, you might not have thought about the Surface, but it could be your next must-have.

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