Super Bowl highlights: how to watch Super Bowl 2021 back in full online wherever you are

That's another Super Bowl live stream wrapped for another year. Catch all the Super Bowl highlights of the Chiefs vs Buccaneers game right here

Super Bowl live stream Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady
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It's the morning after... While many may look a bit weary-eyed, there are plenty not dedicated to that late finish - or, indeed early start - now looking to catch the Super Bowl highlights from last night's game. Well, we're here to tell you exactly how to do that, whether in full or just a beautifully edited together highlights reel, for free wherever you are.

But who lifted the Lombardi trophy last night? Well, we'll keep that one close to our chests, so you can watch your Super Bowl highlights spoiler free. That said, it was certainly an exciting game to watch, with last year's champions, the Kansas City Chiefs looking to secure a back-to-back win for a second year in a row. On the other side, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were looking to take the Championship title with the greatest quarterback in history taking to home soil. Yes, Tom Brady was back playing for the Buccs, the first time he's been in a Super Bowl game since 2019. 

Of course, there was plenty to take in aside from the big game itself, too. With The Weeknd's multi-million dollar performance and a ton of cinematic commercials to feast your eyes on, the Super Bowl highlights are definitely worth a watch.

Watch the best adverts from Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl highlights: stream online from outside your country

The Super Bowl is the biggest show on Earth and it therefore is shown practically everywhere. That said, in years gone by people have scrambled to pick up the best VPN for both the game itself and to watch the best Super Bowl highlights. We reckon the main reasons people do this is to:

1. See your domestic coverage when abroad

2. Avoid having to pay to watch

3. Watch the UK's BBC coverage where there are no commercial breaks

Getting a VPN helps you achieve all three as it's a tool for changing your IP address and thus make your laptop, phone or streaming device appear somewhere entirely different. Although it may be against Ts&Cs of broadcasters who are wanting to protect their broadcasting rights.

ExpressVPN is the world's best VPN

ExpressVPN is the world's best VPN

Our top choice for unblocking geo-restricted content - as well as offering an array of top-tier features at a great price point - is ExpressVPN. Sitting as T3's #1 rated best VPN, you can tune into a ram-packed Super Bowl live stream wherever you are. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can also benefit from 3 months free if you sign up to the annual plan right now now.

ExpressVPN is fast, offers excellent security smarts and works on a multitude of streaming devices. What's more, if you're new to the world of VPNs, it has some brilliant online guides and even better 24/7 live chat support.

- Try out ExpressVPN absolutely risk-free

How to watch the Super Bowl highlights of Chiefs vs Buccaneers in the UK with NO ADS

NFL fans in the UK get a really good deal when it comes to getting all the action from the Super Bowl. You can now get your Super Bowl highlights fix in full, benefitting from last night's coverage from the BBC on BBC iPlayer. As a public broadcaster, this also means you won't have to put up with an ad-break every 15 minutes. Yep, viewers can watch uninterrupted coverage of the Super Bowl game...for free!

Watch from the comfort of anywhere, viewable across a ton of devices including the best laptops and best tablets. These include:

  • Smart TVs: JVC, Philips, LG, Polaroid, Panasonic, Samsung 
  • Desktop: Windows, Mac
  • Mobile: iOS, Android
  • Media streamers: Amazon Fire TV, Now TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku
  • Consoles: Xbox One, PS4

Don't forget you can get all the NFL hot-takes you could need straight from BBC without spending a penny. And if you happen to be outside of the UK, you can still catch the big game with a trusty VPN as described above.

How to watch the Super Bowl highlights in the US

Chiefs vs Buccaneers aired in full on CBS Stateside, which means you'll be able to watch back all the best bits in full on the national network whenever you like.

How to watch the game depends on if you have CBS within your cable package, or you opt to sign up for its fantastic value streaming platform, CBS All Access. With a 7-day free trial, you'll thereafter pay just $5.99 a month.

Super Bowl live stream options around the world

Canadian viewers can subscribe to one of DAZN's packages for just CA$20 a month or $150 for an annual subscription to get some of the most comprehensive coverage of the whole NFL 2020/21 season, including the Super Bowl. 

Better still, there's a free trial that spans across a whole month if you're not already subscribed, allowing you to get all the Super Bowl highlights for free if you so choose.

Down under for the 2020/21 NFL season? For Australian viewers Kayo Sports will offer a round-up of the key events from the game, as well as a replay of the Super Bowl. 

Choose between the Basic or Premium plan from $25 a month. Kayo Sports comes with a free 14-day trial no matter which plan you choose to go for.

How to watch Super Bowl highlights for free

If you're not interested in a full replay of Super Bowl LV, you can get some fantastic Super Bowl highlights for free on the official NFL YouTube channel. Very much a highlight reel, you can experience some of the best plays from the game, as well as the full Halftime Show performance from The Weeknd.

Going back last year's pattern, in the future you may also able to expect an upload to YouTube of the full game replay, too. However, this didn't appear until March, so for anyway who wants to get up-to-date ASAP, going for one of the other options above to watch Super Bowl highlights may be better suited for you.

Super Bowl live stream

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Super Bowl live stream: What is the Super Bowl?

It's probably fair to say if you've found yourself here you likely know what the Super Bowl is all about. However, if you're planning to get into the NFL and Super Bowl 55 is where you're starting your journey, it's not ridiculous to assume every year there might be some new NFL fans out there. 

Even if you're just being a supportive other-half during the spectatorship, it's always good to have a bit of knowledge of what's what going into it - especially so you're not bored stiff with no idea what's going on, counting down the minutes until the explosive half-time show (more on that below).

Bringing together the best teams across both the AFC and NFC, the Super Bowl is the biggest game in the NFL season, taking the two winning conference champions to play for the overarching title of NFL's champion.

Combined of a total 32 teams across both the AFC and NFC, teams from across the States will play against each other within their conferences, before working up the table and going head-to-head with the opposing conference league. This year we'll see the Chiefs vs Buccaneers.

Who played in the Super Bowl LV?

The Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers competed to win the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2021. That meant an intriguing QB clash between young gun Patrick Mahomes and the best player to pick up a football Tom Brady.

How to watch the Super Bowl live stream using a VPN

When it comes to ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action when it comes to Chiefs vs Buccaneers, no matter where you are in the world, a VPN can prove to be your best friend and one of the handiest pieces of software going. Allowing you to watch your broadcaster of choice even if you're not in the country, VPN is the key to unlocking a whole library of geo-restricted content. But how?

  • VPN - standing for virtual private network - offers security and anomality as you browse online, using set protocols to encrypt your data and make it unreadable to outsiders.
  • As a part of that, you can also switch your IP address, which identifies your location.
  • Most VPNs offer a list of locations where its servers are based to join. Connecting to them switches your IP to appear as if you're browsing from that country/city. In turn, you can then access content locked to that country.
  • When it comes to finding a VPN, you should make sure you find the best one that's suitable for your chosen device, with VPN providers offering compatibility for a ton of devices, including VPN for Mac, VPN for Android smartphones, an iPad VPN, and even a range of fairly nifty free VPNs.
  • Once you've made the decision for the most suitable VPN for your device and your means for using a VPN, sign-up and install it
  • To watch the Super Bowl live stream, all you need to do is select a country/city from its list of available servers and connect. You'll then be able to hop over those geo-restrictions with streaming services opening its online gates to you.
  • We'd recommend doing a test run before Super Bowl weekend arrives to ensure it does work so you don't miss a moment of the Chiefs vs Buccaneers game.
  • We also want to ensure your money is well spent, too, so would recommend going for a VPN that offers a risk free trial. ExpressVPN is one of many providers that has a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Weeknd Super Bowl

(Image credit: Michael Kovac/FilmMagic)

Who is performing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2021?

Something of a career peak, securing the Super Bowl Halftime Show slot certainly comes with its own badge of pride, and this year a Super Bowl highlight will get you front row seats to three-time Grammy award winner, The Weeknd.

Real name Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd boasts a discography that has gone platinum 45 times across both singles and albums, with his latest album, After Hours, topping the charts in both the US and the UK. A great footing for following in the footsteps of last year's performers, Shakira and J-Lo, then, we saw a hit-filled performance, all of which will was performed live despite concerns it may go against Covid-19 protocols.

Considering its been reported The Weeknd has poured $7 million of his own money into the performance, we certainly saw one hell of a Halftime Show.

As well as the 'I Feel it Coming' singer, it has also been announced that the Super Bowl will see its first ever poet perform in the legendary Half-Time show.

Fresh off the stage of President Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony, Amanda Gorman performed an original poem that honoured three individuals serving on the frontline during the pandemic. These three honourees highlights the ceaseless hard work carried out by educators, medical staff, and those in the forces.

As well as being a part of the coin toss, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, "These heroes are symbolic of the thousands of health-care professionals, educators, and veterans throughout our country who continue to care for, heal and support those in need during this pandemic."

Super Bowl LV storylines

It's all about Chiefs vs Buccaneers this Super Bowl Sunday. Between the Kansas City Chiefs battling for back-to-back Championship titles and Tom Brady making his Super Bowl comeback as the greatest quarterback of all time, it's looking like one of the most enticing match-ups in recent years.

Tom Brady hasn't seen a Super Bowl game since 2019 when he lead the New England Patriots to yet another ring. Now playing for the Bucs, the GOAT is hoping to bring a win to home soil as the game plays out at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes is hoping to secure a second Championship title two years in a row, something that hasn't been done in seventeen years. And who did that, we hear you ask? Oh, only the New England Patriots and that man Brady...

Tom Brady

(Image credit: Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

What Super Bowl 2021 commercials to look out for 

We may be sick and tired of hearing the phrase 'unprecedented times', but unfortunately it rings true of even what we can expect to see when watching the Super Bowl this year. With many companies experiencing huge losses in revenue, a lot of the usual culprits who have featured in Super Bowl's stream of commercials for years have pulled out of their slots this year. Little Caesars, for example, won't be appearing in the line-up this year. 

Who will, though? Let's be real, that's all we really care about. M&M's is said to be seeking to "inspire people to find ways of connecting with each other" after what was a pretty trying year.

Pringles and Toyota also join the mix. If the car manufacturer's plans are anything like Audi's 2020 commercial featuring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams singing 'Let it Go' from Frozen, this could be one exceptionally star-studded advert reel - but then, isn't it always?

Super Bowl live streams in 4K?

Just something else to add to the list of things the ongoing pandemic has ruined, alas this year watching the Super Bowl in 4K will not be possible. "Citing production limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason," spectators won't be able to stream the Super Bowl in 4K or HDR.

That said, you can still ensure you get the very best picture possible with one of our fantastic Super Bowl TV deals, offering you a superior set-up for watching live sporting events from the comfort of your own home.

What is the Super Bowl viewership?

It's hardly surprising that, every year, the Super Bowl draws in viewers in their millions to watch the biggest game in the NFL. Not only is it an exciting watch for dedicated American football fans, the Super Bowl is certainly versatile in the entertainment it offers. With the aforementioned Half-Time Show, you can expect to see music icons take to the stage for phenomenal performances. Of course, there is also the big-budget Super Bowl commercials that plenty of people love to check out.

But what does the Super Bowl viewership actually look like? Well, last year's Super Bowl saw over 99.9 million viewers, whilst the most watched Super Bowl of all time was 2015's game - Super Bowl XLIX - with an astonishing 114.4 million viewers.

With plenty of us stuck at home this year, we imagine there'll be plenty of people settling down to live stream Super Bowl 2021 - but will they reach the heights of that 2015 game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Patriots?

Guess we'll have to wait and see what this Chiefs vs Buccaneers game brings.

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