Storage bargains: Amazon Prime Day SSD deal round-up

Here are some of the best SSD prices for Amazon Prime Day

Get a great SSD for your computer, no matter what you own
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It wouldn’t be Amazon Prime Day unless we were all frantically searching for the best SSD to buy. Amazon’s always got a bunch of these and they’re suited to different uses so it’s worth breaking them down to help you choose the right one for you. Don’t forget, we’ve got loads of bargains across the whole of Amazon on our best Prime Day deals page. 

There are two types of SSD on sale today, and you’ll need to make sure that you pick one that’s compatible with your computer. It might be time to dig out that motherboard manual, or check on your laptop manufacturer’s website to see what you need. 

SSDs usually come in either a solid metal or plastic case, in the M.2 style, which looks more like a stick of RAM. An M.2 SSD has exposed memory chips, and it needs to be mounted on a motherboard directly. They’re common in laptops (but usually the smallest size because of space constraints. M.2 drives also come in a variety of shapes and capabilities but we’ve rounded up some that will suit most people. 

Best M.2 SSD Amazon Prime Day deals

| Was £192.79 | Now £142.49 | Save £50.30 (opens in new tab)

Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB PCIe 4.0 M.2 | Was £192.79 | Now £142.49 | Save £50.30 (opens in new tab)
The Samsung 980 Pro is an absolute leader in M.2 SSDs. Blistering fast speed and a generous 1TB capacity are now cheaper than ever, this drive is perfect for the power user, thanks to its incredible transfer speeds, support for PCIe 4 and a decent warranty too. 

| Was £106.55|Now £85 | Save £21.55 (opens in new tab)

Lexar Professional NM700 M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 512GB SSD | Was £106.55|Now £85 | Save £21.55 (opens in new tab)
Not quite as speedy as the Samsung above, but still a very capable PCIe Gen 3 NVME SSD. You'll need a modern PC to make the most of this, but as long as you've got a compatible M.2 slot on your motherboard this balances storage size with the reliability of Lexar - great for creators who need to trust their hardware

| Was £107.99 | Now £67.99 | Save £40 (opens in new tab)

Crucial P2 CT1000P2SSD8 1 TB Internal SSD | Was £107.99 | Now £67.99 | Save £40 (opens in new tab)
Here's a really good price on a Crucial M.2 SSD. The offer is on the 1TB model, which is a decent amount of storage to get you started. Big game libraries might challenge this, but for general purpose use as a fast system drive this is absolutely cracking at this price. 

|Was £58.79 | Now £34.99 | Save £23.80 (opens in new tab)

Crucial P2 CT500P2SSD8 500 GB Internal SSD |Was £58.79 | Now £34.99 | Save £23.80 (opens in new tab)
This is an absolute bargain basement price for this 500GB SSD. If you want to switch from an older SATA SSD to this M.2 then you should be very happy with the speed of this drive. It's a bit limited for storage but if you're on a budget it's ideal. 

Best SATA SSD Amazon Prime Day deals

| Was £92.39 | Now £60.99 | Save £31.40 (opens in new tab)

Crucial BX500 CT1000BX500SSD1 1TB SATA SSD | Was £92.39 | Now £60.99 | Save £31.40 (opens in new tab)

If you're using an older laptop or a desktop PC then you probably have space to fit one of these SSDs. They are a massive speed boost over 

|Was £213.59 | Now £139.99 | Save £73.60 (opens in new tab)

Crucial MX500 CT2000MX500SSD1 2 TB SATA SSD |Was £213.59 | Now £139.99 | Save £73.60 (opens in new tab)

If you have loads of photos, videos or games that you regularly play, then this is the SSD for you. A fantastic 2TB of storage means this will hold a good percentage of your favourites before it fills up. Will fit in most desktops and quite a lot of laptops and is fast too. 

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