Sony PS5 looks absolutely incredible in new PlayStation 5 video

There's still no word on when exactly it will hit the shelves, though

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Less than a week after a Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) insider confirmed that the crazy design we first caught wind of back in August is real, a short video has surfaced highlighting the device from all angles – and it looks nothing short of fantastic.

To be clear, this isn't confirmation of what PS5 will look like when it launches next year. Instead, this particular design is reminiscent of a development unit that Sony circulated to developers so that they could start readying content for the console.

Confirmed to launch during the next holiday season (November through December 2020), the PS5 will bundle a custom-made AMD Navi processor, support for 8K Ultra HD visuals and a new power-saving mode that's a lot more efficient than the PS4.

We also know that the console will support ray tracing, with games coming bundled on 100GB optical discs that can be installed in individual modules using the device's integrated 4K Blu-ray player and will launch alongside a new PlayStation controller.

This controller will feature haptic feedback and a futuristic set of "adaptive" triggers (they're the little toggles at the top of the controller) that deliver resistance, according to Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan and Lead System Architect Mark Cerny.

Who knows, though? This design could be somewhat indicative of the console that'll hit the shelves. Stranger things have happened.

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