Sony PS4 deal: get FREE MONEY with this impossibly brilliant game offer

Get a discount on a gift cards to spend in the PS4 game sale

Sony PS4 Deal
(Image credit: Sony)

Yes, it's true. This stellar new PlayStation deals means you're able to cash-in with some free money to spend in the PlayStation Store. The amazing offer comes courtesy of, which has discounted a slew of pre-paid gift cards.

But rather than sell these PS Store cards for the amount of credit you'll be able to spend digitally on games, PS Now subscriptions, and more on the console, you're now paying less than the value of the gift card.

For example, is selling the £90 PS Store card, which should be more than enough to pick-up a truck load of titles in the Summer Sale event taking place at the moment, for just £78.85. In other words, you're getting £11.15 extra to spend for free just for buying this gift card instead of buying directly with your credit or debit card from the PlayStation Store.

If there's something that's been calling to you in the PS Store for a while, then this is the perfect excuse to bolster your wallet with some extra cash and treat yourself to a new game for you PlayStation. And if you're stuck for inspiration, why not check out our definitive list of the best PS4 games around right now.

For the full list of PS4 gift card options, check out We've also highlighted some of the most eye-catching below.

£90 PS Store Gift Card | Was £90, now £78.85
If there's a few games or DLC packs that have caught your eye in the Summer Sale, or any other part of the PlayStation Store – this is the gift card to get. With plenty of credit – and £11.15 for free to spend on whatever you like – it's a must-buy for PS4 owners.View Deal

£35 PS Store Gift Card | Was £35, now £28.85
Get a whopping 18% off the price of this gift card, resulting in £6.15 to spend for free. If you're looking to refresh your games library, or just bolster the digital wallet before the onslaught of blockbuster titles coming in the next few months, this is a great choiceView Deal

£50 PS Store Gift Card | Was £50, now £44.85
If you're not looking to spend as much as £78.85, then this is a brilliant compromise. You get £5.15 for free with this gift card, which is a pretty great saving you're not going to find elsewhere. View Deal