Sony PlayStation earbuds release date revealed

Press start on a PlayStation-inspired audio adventure

Pulse Explore Buds
(Image credit: Sony)

It's looking like a busy holiday season for Sony. Not only have we got the imminent launch of the PS5 Slim, but the company is also releasing the PS5 Portal handheld streaming device this month. But now, we have a confirmed release date for a pair of PlayStation-inspired earbuds. 

The Pulse Explore earbuds have been confirmed to arrive on December 6th (just in time for Christmas) with a £199/$199 price tag. That's quite steep if you're just planning on using them while gaming but they do sound pretty impressive.

One of the most impressive features of the PS5 is the 3D audio, and with these earbuds in you'll be able to get that same sensation without wearing a bulky headset. They can also simultaneously connect to the PlayStation and your phone via Bluetooth and come with both volume and mute buttons, especially useful when voice chatting with other players. They are a true headset and earbuds hybrid. 

Sony PlayStation Earbuds

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

While they do feature Bluetooth connectivity like Airpods or the best wireless earbuds, To make the most of them when gaming on PS5, PC or Mad, you'll need to use the included PlayStation Link USB adapter (essentially a dongle) to access the lossless audio with an ultra-low latency that makes for immersive gaming.

While the headphones themselves are smart looking, I have a special in my heart for the case, which boasts a super sleek cylindrical design, reminiscent of the Nothing Ear (Stick.). A battery life of 5 hours, with  an extra 10 hours stored in the case is pretty good going too. 

Of course we can't report on the sound quality yet, but in our opinion Sony makes some of the best sounding buds out there like the Sony WF-1000XM4 so we trust them to offer a strong sound profile. 

Sony also announced the Pulse Elite Headset with the Explore buds but that has now been given a February 21st release date next year. 

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