Sony Bravia XR OLED TVs just became even more appealing

Sony's best TVs now get the best quality streaming – and you'll get a bunch of movie credits for free

A Sony Bravia XR OLED TV from 2022 showing crystals on its screen
(Image credit: Sony)

You already know that Sony's Bravias are among the best TVs you can buy, and now they've become even more appealing. The BRAVIA CORE app, which is exclusive to Sony's TVs, now offers near-lossless streaming at bitrates of up to 80Mbps. That’s equivalent to 4K Blu-Ray quality.

If you've recently bought or are about to buy a Bravia XR TV, Sony will give you up to 10 movie credits you can redeem against studio releases such as MorbiusUnchartedSpider-Man™: No Way HomeGhostbusters: Afterlife, and Cinderella. There's also up to two years of unlimited streaming from the Sony Pictures catalogue.

The biggest draw here is that the BRAVIA CORE app gives you access to the IMAX Enhanced movie collection. That delivers remastered IMAX picture quality and DTS sound, and there's extra behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with many titles too.

Sony Bravia Core

(Image credit: Sony)

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Sony isn't the only firm offering content as well as TV tech. If you buy a TV such as the superb LG C2 OLED TV you'll get LG Channel Plus, a collection of over 175 free-to-stream channels, and my recently purchased Samsung mini-LED TV came with Samsung TV Plus so I can watch 90s pop videos at any time of the day or night. 

The reason so many firms are now offering their own bundles of streaming content is simple enough: it's a way to differentiate their TVs from their rivals'. Now that every TV comes with the same selection of streaming services – Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and the usual catch-up services – and that there's precious little difference between different models that use similar panels, proprietary streaming services are a good way to steer us towards a particular firms' offerings.

The BRAVIA CORE app is available now and the new high quality streaming is available to consumers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Sweden. More countries will be added later, although Sony doesn't say when.

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