Sonos speaker users just got offered the perfect wireless turntable upgrade

Victrola returns to high-end audio kit with this impressive record playing streamer for your Sonos setup

Victrola Stream Carbon wireless vinyl turntable
(Image credit: Victrola)

Victrola has been making some of the best record players for over a century, but of late it's probably best known for its entry-level models with built-in speakers – fun, but not the kind of thing audio buffs are going to be particularly interested in. So it's great to see a new, high-end model from the firm that looks good, sounds good and streams to your Sonos speakers.

The turntable is called the Victrola Stream Carbon, and once you've set it up via its own app you can then control it from your Sonos app to get vinyl anywhere you have a Sonos speaker. And it's the first of many devices: Victrola says there are more Stream models coming. 

Victrola Stream Carbon price, specs and availability

The new turntable is belt driven with a carbon fibre tone arm and adjustable counterweight, an aluminium shell and a premium Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Connectivity is 802.11a to 802.11ac or 10/100 Ethernet. There's also an RCA output so you can use it with other audio hardware. In a nice touch you can not only control your music with the Sonos app, but you can use the dial on the turntable to control your Sonos volume and playback groups too. I've embedded a YouTube clip below so you can get an idea for how it looks, works and sounds. 

The Stream Carbon is $799.99 (about £699) and will ship to US customers at the end of October. There's no indication of a UK launch yet but Victrola products are stocked by brands such as Currys so it may well launch in the UK too.

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