Sonic Frontiers – how to get Sonic's "Soap shoes" from Sonic Adventure 2 for free

Sega is giving away Sonic DLC ahead of the game's November release date

Sonic Frontiers / Sonic Adventure 2
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Sonic Frontiers is just over a month away from launch and Sega is giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on exclusive DLC that long-time fans of the series will be very pleased to see. 

From today, anyone who sign-ups for the official English-language Sonic Frontiers newsletter via the official Sonic Frontiers website will gain access to the Blue Blur's beloved "Soap shoes" from Sonic Adventure 2. This can be found near the lower half of the webpage. The in-game content will be delivered straight to subscribers' email inboxes once Sonic Frontiers has been released worldwide. 

This is free to do, so don't worry about having to pay extra. A firm release date of when the DLC will be made available will be announced at a later time. You must sign-up by January 31st, 2023 to be eligible to claim the DLC. Once the code is sent, simply head to your respective game store on your console/PC and enter the code to redeem the shoes. 

A teaser image of what the "Soap shoes" will look like can be found below: 

Sonic Frontiers Soap shoes DLC

(Image credit: Sega)

Sonic's 2G Hi-Speed Shoes (more commonly known as "Soap shoes") first made their appearance in 2001's Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. The opening scene of Sonic busting out of a G.U.N. helicopter before riding down the hills of San Francisco while wearing the red shoes is one of the most memorable moments in the 30-plus-year history of the franchise. With that, this is a nice add-on for fans – one that's even better thanks to it being completely free.

Following months of speculation and a major trailer leak, Sega officially confirmed that Sonic Frontiers will release in November – one day before God of War Ragnarok, so it's set to be a busy week. This will be the first Sonic game to have an open-world environment with the story steeped in secrecy. All we know is Sonic's friends have gone missing and his enemy, Doctor Eggman, is involved somehow. Not long now until we find out the truth. 

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to launch across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows on November 8th, 2022.  

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