Solo Stove takes on Gozney with its gas-powered panoramic pizza oven

The Solo Stove Pi Prime is a stainless steel pizza-making marvel

Solo Stove Pi Prime
(Image credit: Solo Stove)

Ahead of National Pizza Day on the 9th February 2024, Solo Stove has announced its latest pizza oven. Dubbed as “simple enough to be your first pizza oven and powerful enough to be your last”, the Pi Prime pizza oven looks to take on Gozney with its demi-dome design and expert pizza making.

While Solo Stove is mainly known for its smokeless fire pits and THAT Snoop Dogg advert, the brand also has its own range of the best pizza ovens. Alongside the dual-fuel Pi oven and the Fire Pit pizza oven, Solo Stove has recently launched the Pi Prime, a gas-powered pizza oven that turns out artisan and authentic pizzas in as little as 90 seconds.

The Pi Prime pizza oven is powered by propane fuel and works in combination with Solo Stove’s demi-dome heating technology. Preheating in just 15 minutes, the Pi Prime allows for quick and precise cooking, thanks to its front-facing temperature control dial. The controls at the front of the pizza oven can be easily adjusted to control the heat levels and flame height, for the best cooking results every time.

Similar to its dual-fuel design, the Pi Prime has a wide mouth and panoramic open to give users a better view of their pizza making. The opening of the pizza oven measures 33cm length by 8.9cm height, which provides space for 14-inch pizzas and enough room for you to rotate and remove your food from the inside.

Inspired by Solo Stove’s smokeless fire pits, the Pi Prime uses a cordierite stone cooking surface which releases steam to ensure a consistent cook and crispier crusts. The pizza stone can withstand high temperatures during every cook and perfectly distributes heat for even cooking.

Weighing 13.6kg, the Pi Prime can compactly sit in your back garden and can be taken with you on camping or beach trips. The stainless steel pizza oven has little feet that helps it to stand or sit on multiple surfaces, which is a big difference from its competitor, Gozney, as the latter’s pizza oven range comes with wheeled stands.

Speaking of Gozney, the Pi Prime doesn’t look too dissimilar from its Solo Stove Pi model and the Gozney Dome S1 which launched in late 2023. With its size and design, the Pi Prime looks like it could rival the petite and portable Gozney Roccbox, the brand’s portable and most affordable pizza oven.

With this new pizza oven launch, Solo Stove provides a gas-only model that’s easy to use, compact enough to take with you and makes delicious pizzas, in an affordable package.

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