Smeg unveils new espresso coffee machine and its price will shock you

Smeg’s new Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder is a coffee lovers dream

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder launch
(Image credit: Smeg)

Home appliance brand, Smeg makes some of the best bean to cup coffee machines on the market, and their new product announcement is sure to get coffee lovers excited. Adding to its extensive collection of the best espresso machines, Smeg has unveiled its new Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder, a retro-inspired machine which embraces the brand’s Italian heritage.

Smeg announced its Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder (EGF03) at the London Coffee Festival in late April this year, but the machine is set to become available in June. This new espresso machine promises to bring the Italian bar experience to your home and guides you through the full coffee process, from grinding the beans to frothing the milk.

The Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder has Smeg’s iconic 50s retro style but despite its good looks, it’s not all about appearances. With its bean hopper, stainless steel portafilter, rotation steam wand and grinding power, the Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder has all the features and functionality you need to make barista-style coffees from home, in keeping with your personal tastes.

One of the most impressive features of the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder is its customisable bean grinding. By simply turning the bean hopper clockwise or anticlockwise, you can change the bean’s texture for more intense flavours and finer grinds or subtle tastes and coarser grinds.

With personalisation in mind, Smeg has designed and developed the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder to have multiple technical functions that enhance every cup of coffee to your own personal taste. The new espresso machine has pre-infusion profile settings to customise different strengths and flavours and it’ll even take into account the hardness levels of the water in your area to deliver the best results.

When the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder is in use, its stainless steel upper tray will start by warming the mug to keep your drink hotter for longer. Once the beans have been grinded to your liking, the specialist pressure gauge gives optimal extraction according to your flavour preferences, and you can choose between single or double espresso shots.

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder in pastel blue

(Image credit: Smeg)

For people who preferred lattes, cappuccinos and other milk-based coffees, the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder has a rotation steam wand which warms, steams and froths milk at different intensities. It also comes with a 450ml stainless steel milk jug.

Consistent with the 50’s retro style that Smeg is known for, the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder has a curvy glossy style and features the bold Smeg logo. It’s available in six colours, including black, cream, red, white, pastel blue and pastel green, and all colourways are finished with stainless steel accents. 

As Smeg is a high quality appliance brand, the Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder has a pretty high price tag at £849.95, which may surprise some coffee lovers. Considering its high performance and customisable coffee tools, it seems worth the money… although time will tell if it passes all the tests that coffee aficionados throw at it.

The Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder is currently available to pre-order at Smeg and select retailers, and it will be officially out this June.

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