Slice, dice, and defend with the TOC Knife by Jack Carr and New West KnifeWorks

Crafted from premium CPM S35VN super-steel, the TOC Knife is the ultimate tool for outdoor culinarian

Jack Carr x New West Knife Works Collaborate to Debut the Ultimate Tactical Knife
(Image credit: New West Knife Works)

Prepare to revolutionise your cooking and outdoor adventures with the all-new Tactical Outdoor Chef (TOC) knife, a camping knife collaboration between New West KnifeWorks and the legendary Jack Carr, former Navy SEAL Sniper turned bestselling author.

New West KnifeWorks claims the blade, adorned with Jack’s signature Bonefrog emblem in its first 300 units, is the ultimate multitasker, seamlessly blending culinary finesse with tactical durability.

According to the company, the TOC knife boasts a blade crafted from top-grade CPM S35VN super-steel. The .150" tang promises stability, while the .015" edge guarantees precision, making chopping veggies or conquering a campfire feast a breeze.

Plus, its clip-point design adds a touch of efficiency, perfect for your culinary escapades under the stars.

When it comes to grip, New West KnifeWorks claims the TOC knife nails it with their SureTouch handle technology. Constructed from a blend of G10 and rubber composite materials, it promises a secure hold for hands of all sizes.

The sheath is crafted from a mix of leather and magnets, both stylish and functional, with an easy-to-use Sam Browne button stud for belt attachment, leaving your hands free for other camping shenanigans.

"We're thrilled to team up with Jack Carr to bring the TOC knife to adventurous cooks and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere," says Corey Milligan, Founder of New West KnifeWorks. "It's not just a knife; it's a trusty sidekick for all your culinary and camping escapades."

Ready to add some flair to your cooking routine or level up your camping game? The TOC knife is now available for $450 (approx. £356/ AU$ 688) at New West KnifeWorks and in select retail stores.

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