Sky TV package makes Sky and BT Sport cheapest ever... but Virgin has it beat if you want fast broadband too

If you're a footie fan, this one's for you

Sky TV sports packages
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Sky is making waves with its combined Sky Sports and BT Sport package which brings the two together in one subscription for the very first time. There are two options on the table for you to choose from, both with huge savings. The introductory offer ends on March 12, so you've still got a couple of weeks to sign up.

If you're a sports purist, £35 per month will get you Sky Sports and BT Sport channels. If you want to keep the rest of the family happy and sane, you can add Sky Entertainment for £47 per month Compared to standalone subscriptions, that's a saving of 35% and 40% on each bundle respectively.

Sky Sports | BT Sports | Standalone Subscription price: £54 per month | Package price: £35 per month
It's important to note that package is for existing customers. The £35 is added to your Sky TV subscription and you need to be on an 18-month minimum term contract. The bundle includes all eight Sky Sports channels and BT Sport channels – BT Sport 1, 2, 3 and BT ESPN.View Deal

Sky Sports | BT Sports | Sky Entertainment | Standalone subscription price: £78 per month | Package price: £47 per month
This package is squarely aimed at newbies to Sky TV and includes all eight Sky Sports channels and BT Sport channels – BT Sport 1, 2, 3 and BT ESPN, as well as over 300 Sky TV and 40 catch up channels with Sky Entertainment. The minimum contract term is 18 months.View Deal

If you're in the market for broadband too, then Virgin Media is cheaper and already has sports bundles including both Sky Sports and BT Sport channels for £65 per month - that's £108 cheaper than Sky over the duration of 12 months.

If you sign up for Virgin's Bigger + Sports bundle for £65 per month, you'll get the BT Sports Pack (HD and 4K), Sky Sports bundle (HD), and ultrafast broadband of 100Mbps on a 12-month contract.

Over at Sky, the most comparable bundle is an 18-month contract that'll get you Sky's superfast broadband (59Mb), Sky Sports Pack (HD), and BT Sport Pack (HD) for £74 per month.    

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