Sky deals deliver TV and broadband for some of its lowest ever prices

Get Sky TV and Fibre Broadband with a saving of over £230 right now.

Sky TV Broadband deals
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If you're at all interested in getting great TV easily, Sky is the first place you should look: hundreds of channels, all the sport anyone could ever want, movies, and so on. It has it all. On top of that, Sky also offers super-fast Fibre broadband and is currently slashing the prices of these offerings for a little while.

The basic premise behind Sky's offerings is simple: as much TV as you could wish for, available on whatever device you want. The company has really boosted its mobile offerings, with comprehensive apps for smartphones, games consoles, smart TVs, and so on, meaning you can watch TV from basically anywhere. 

On the broadband side, Sky is offering super fast speeds – guaranteed to be an average of 59 Mbps down in most places – and all of the other perks of a modern broadband package, like a sleek and powerful WiFi hub that beams internet anywhere in the house. 

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Sky TV + Superfast Broadband | 18 month contract | Average 59 Mbps | £39.95 setup | £52 £39/month from Sky (opens in new tab)
It does what it says on the tin: fast WiFi with everything that Sky TV offers, including loads of TV channels and hundreds of exclusives. And you're saving a whopping £234 over the lifetime of this contract.

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Sky TV + Superfast Broadband + Netflix | 18 month contract | Average 59 Mbps | £39.95 setup | £58 £43/month from Sky (opens in new tab)
For a little extra per month, Sky will throw in Netflix to the mix, giving you even more content to browse, if that were possible, for just £4/month more than the basic package. A no-brainer really.

So, if you've been on the fence about hopping on Sky TV then this is a pretty cracking deal: TV and Superfast Broadband for a reduced monthly price, giving you access to basically unlimited content on pretty much any device. Why not make life a bit easier today.

Max Slater-Robins has written for T3 now on and off for over half a decade, with him fitting in serious study at university in between. Max is a tech expert and as such you'll find his words throughout, appearing in everything from reviews and features, to news and deals. Max is specifically a veteran when it comes round to deal hunting, with him seeing out multiple Black Friday campaigns to date.