Sky customers can get a free upgrade for reality show fans – claim it now

Treat yourself to a guilty pleasure

Below Deck
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All Sky Q, Sky Stream and Sky Glass customers can enjoy a free three-month trial of reality TV service Hayu. 

We all love watching the next big prestigious drama or arthouse movie, but we don't always have to be so pretentious about the media we consume. Sometimes you just want to watch some real people shout at each other while making sarcastic comments to your friends. That's where Hayu comes in. 

The network dedicated entirely to reality TV is now on Sky Q and to celebrate its release, Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers both old and new can claim a three-month subscription for free. 

Normally £4.99/€5.99 a month, the channel (which has launched on Sky Glass and Sky Stream already)  is home to over 300 different reality TV shows and offers ad-free viewing with releases the same day as the US. That 300 includes shows like The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and Million Dollar Listing. 

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My personal favourite of the bunch is Below Deck. Watching a group of people so dysfunctional come together for the sake of a big tip from rich clientele shouldn't be so engrossing but I'm hooked. There are some bizarre shows on there that I personally wouldn't go anywhere near like Couple to Throuple (which I'm sure some people will love) but everyone should find something they're interested in. 

To find Hayu on Sky Q, simply say 'Hayu' into the voice remote or find the app in the same menu as the apps for other streaming services. Alternatively, if you're a Sky VIP then you can activate the trial simply by saying "Sky VIP Hayu” or visiting Sky Marketplace. 

Of course, after the three-month trial, make sure to cancel your subscription if you want to avoid being charged. Get ready for a whole new level of drama. 

Andy Sansom
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