Skullcandy launches its first net-zero carbon footprint headphones

Limited-edition Skullcandy cans feature a transparent look 'designed to create visibility around environmental impact'

Skullcandy Transparency Series
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Even the best Skullcandy headphones aren't famous for being too environmentally friendly – there is a lot of plastic and intricate tech involved in making these products, which, understandably, make them a little less recyclable and a little more terrible for the environment. Skullcandy is trying to change this, one baby step at a time, with its new Transparency Series of cans and buds that have a net-zero carbon footprint.

Skullcandy has partnered with EcoChain to 'assess, minimise and publish associated carbon emissions' related to the creation of its audio products, while a partnership with TerraPass has enabled Skullcandy to invest in certified carbon-capture programs to offset impacts, resulting in a net-zero footprint for products in the Transparency Series.

Better still, a portion of the proceeds helps fund the critical climate advocacy of Protect Our Winters (opens in new tab), a group Skullcandy already worked with for the release of the also limited edition 'Take a Hike' Dime 2 (opens in new tab) (retailer link) true wireless buds (more info on similar buds can be found on our best running headphones and best wireless earbuds guides).

The new Transparency Series includes the Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones and the Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds – both in a new, see-through colourway. Like all Skullcandy products, the Transparency Series comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

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Insights from EcoChain have enabled Skullcandy to 'better understand the carbon footprint of the Transparency Series but its entire brand portfolio', the brand said. In addition to helping Skullcandy set 'accountability benchmarks' and direct eco-friendly product improvements, the EcoChain analysis is apparently helping 'inform a new generation of eco-conscious products' slated for 2023. 

Skullcandy Transparency Series

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The Limited Edition Skullcandy Transparency Series Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones have a net-zero carbon footprint, contain a carbon emissions equivalent of 12.14 kg (neutralised via carbon offset credits), up to 36 hours of battery (plus Rapid Charge), Built-in Tile Finding Technology, and Call, Track & Volume Control on the cans. The headphones sell for a recommended retail price of $114.99/£99.99 at Skullcandy US (opens in new tab) and Skullcandy UK (opens in new tab).

Skullcandy Transparency Series

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Limited-Edition Skullcandy Transparency Series Jib True 2 Wireless Earbuds also have a net-zero carbon footprint but contain more modest carbon emissions equivalent of 5.70 kg (also neutralised via carbon offset credits). The Jib True 2 buds have 33 hours of battery life (buds and case), Built-In Tile Finding Technology, and they are IPX4 rated. The earbuds sell for a recommended retail price of $49.99/£44.99 at Skullcandy US (opens in new tab) and Skullcandy UK (opens in new tab).

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