Should I buy? BeatsX Beats by Dr Dre wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

These Beats by Dr Dre Beats X phones are perfect for visits to the gym or for listening to music on the go

Beats by Dr Dre Beats X
(Image credit: Beats)

Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones are ideal for any number of scenarios as they’re super convenient and aren't obtrusive like the large cans favoured by many. And, if you love your music then these Beats by Dr Dre Beats X (opens in new tab) phones are a great place to start. While headphones are sure to feature heavily in the Black Friday deals playlist, these can be yours now, and for peanuts.

Beats might be known for their sound quality, but if you can bag a pair for the right price then they make a solid bet for when you’re travelling, or down the gym. The Flex-Form cable is particularly useful as it allows more freedom if you're in an active situation, like pumping iron for example. Different eartip options, the RemoteTalk functionality – which is compatible with Siri and a quality build makes them as sound as a pound.

• Beats by Dr Dre Beats X £79.99 at John Lewis  (opens in new tab)

These headphones boast very decent audio quality, as you’d expect from the Beats brand, while the Bluetooth functionality means you get wireless vibes plus up to 8 hours battery life into the bargain. There’s a RemoteTalk control that allows hands free calls, while the design is suitably good on the ears. There’s an extra touch in the shape of the Fast Fuel feature, which delivers another couple of hours playback time after just 5 minutes of charging.

3 reasons to buy Beats by Dr Dre Beats X

•  Reliable Bluetooth functionality

•  Beats sound quality

•  RemoteTalk and Siri compatibility

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