Amazon's new Fire TV Soundbar is reduced already in an early Black Friday deal

Get 17% off the Fire TV Soundbar even though it's only recently been released

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar deal
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon officially starts its Black Friday Week on 17 November 2023, but there are some great early deals on the retail site already.

We've reported before on the big reductions it has given its own-branded 2-Series, 4-Series and Omni QLED Fire TV sets, but now there's a great deal on a device it has only just launched – the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar.

Designed to match the mentioned TVs, the Fire TV Soundbar enhances the viewing experience with beefier stereo sound. It also comes with Bluetooth support and was only launched in September this year.

Now it's available in the US for under $100, having been given a 17% price cut.

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar: was $119.99, now $99.99 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar: was $119.99, now $99.99 at Amazon
The Amazon Fire TV Soundbar offers a way of adding better stereo audio to a flatscreen TV. It is compact and can be wall-mounted or placed on a TV stand, and if matched with an Amazon Fire TV, can be operated with just the one remote control.

Why consider the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar?

As well as connect to your Fire TV set or another TV using HDMI (with HDMI ARC/eARC support), you can stream music to the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar over Bluetooth.

There are just two 20W speakers inside the bar but it also offers virtual surround sound thanks to DTS Virtual:X decoding. There's Dolby Audio compatibility too.

Three audio modes are available, to enhance movie or music playback, or focus more on the dialogue in your favourite shows.

The design is simple and compact, with the soundbar measuring just 24-inches. That means you can wallmount it under all different sizes of TV without it looking out of place. Alternatively, you can place the bar on a stand.

Only two wires are needed to be hooked up at the rear (power and HDMI), so it remains elegant to look at as well as listen to.

There are plenty of other Amazon Fire TV deals currently available on the build up to Black Friday. You should check them out.

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