Where to buy meat online: Online meat ordering and meat delivery to keep your freezer stocked

Buy meat online today from these online grocery stores and meat delivery services – meat delivery from Omaha Steaks, Thrive Market, ButcherBox, Crowd Cow, and more

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Best Online Meat Delivery Services


Crowd Cow

Omaha Steaks

Snake River Falls

Where to buy meat online with the recent news of possible meat shortages

With the recent news that Costco, Kroger, and Wendy's, are experiencing meat shortages in certain markets, now might be a good time to start looking for alternatives to your local grocery stores when it comes to buying beef and poultry products. 

While meat processing plants will continue to operate, there is the possibility of certain products becoming a little harder to come by – as we've recently seen with both toilet paper shortages and shortages on masks. Meat delivery and food delivery services have been working hard to stay on top of orders, with ordering time slots opening up pretty regu

To get ahead of the inevitable panic buyers we've put together a list of where to buy meat online – including online grocery stores, food delivery services, and meat delivery services.

All meat delivery services listed here provide high quality cuts of beef, but certain services will specialize in providing more unique cuts and styles of meat. To help you choose which meat delivery service is best for you, we've categorized each one based off their offerings and which products are most readily available.

You can head directly to each services website using the links below, or read on to see special offers and deals available today!

Best Online Meat Delivery Services

  • ButcherBoxthe best organic, non-GMO, grass-fed cuts of beef available
  • Crowd Cow"crowd sourced" beef, buy direct from farms all over the country
  • Omaha Steakssteakhouse style cuts of meats and family-sized meal packages
  • Snake River Farmsthe best source of American Wagyu style meats

Best Food Delivery Services to Buy Meat Online

  • Amazon Freshshop everything from meat to pasta, canned soup, and more
  • Thrive Marketonline grocery store focused on organic food and healthier options
  • Walmart Groceryshop Walmart's entire grocery store offering online today
  • Whole Foods Marketshop thousands of organic and natural food products

Omaha Steaks: Best online meat delivery service for high quality proteins

Omaha Steaks refers to themselves as "America's Original Butcher". An earned title, since Omaha Steaks has been offering a huge selection of beef, meat, sausage, and more – all extremely high quality with the flavor to match – for over 100 years.

Aging their cuts up to 21 days to maximize tenderness, Omaha Steaks has a great selection of a la carté meat options as well as combo packs to stock up your freezer with. Choose from butcher's choice cuts of filet mignon and ribeye, top sirloins, all-beef meatballs, premium ground beef, and more to have delivered straight to your home.

The price can be a little jarring for those not familiar with the Omaha Steaks brand, but the meat you'll receive is worth every penny. Thankfully, Omaha Steaks is running a few special offers to save you some cash. They're offering free shipping on select combo packs and have a huge selection of buik proteins, combo packs, and family meals on sale now.

Omaha Steaks is also sending a donation to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that feeds millions of Americans each year, when you purchase select family meals and combo packs.

Omaha Steaks Special Offers & Sales

  • Free Shipping Combos – save money on combo packs plus free shipping!
  • Stock-Up Sale – discounts on bulk proteins, family meals, and more!
  • On Sale – exclusive offers on some of Omaha Steaks most popular selections!
Omaha Steaks: America's Original Butcher

Omaha Steaks: America's Original Butcher
In business for over 100 years, Omaha Steaks has been delivering prime cuts of meat to homes all over the US for years. One of the most popular and well known meat delivery services, Omaha Steaks offers a massive selection of cuts to suit anyone's taste!

ButcherBox: the best meat delivery service for organic meats and bulk proteins

ButcherBox focuses on one thing and one thing only, delivery the best cuts of meat from the best farms across the country. Offering a variety of custom curated packages, buyers can select from a variety of meat selections including beef, pork, and chicken.

Each farm chosen to provide meat to ButcherBox subscribers is held to the highest standards, with ButcherBox only choosing farms which raise their cattle humanely, add no antibiotics or hormones ever, and only ship the best cuts of meat they produce.

The beef provided is always 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, the pork raised in open barns allowing natural aging and maturing, and free-range organic chickens are Non-GMO verified for the healthiest bulk protein options available.

ButcherBox requires a subscription fee to use it's service, with yearly packages starting at $129 for monthly deliveries of up to 10 pounds of beef, chicken, or pork straight to your door.

ButcherBox: 100% Grass-Fed Beef Online

ButcherBox: 100% Grass-Fed Beef Online
With 100% grass-fed Non-GMO beef, pork, and poultry options, ButcherBox offers an excellent variety of  carefully curated bulk protein boxes as well as custom, buyer selected protein packs. With yearly membership fees starting at $129 per month, ButcherBox comes with a heftier price tag but strives to provide only the top selection of organic proteins and non-GMO, grass-fed beef options.

Snake River Farms: the best meat delivery service for American Wagyu beef

Snake River Farms offers the largest selection of American Wagyu beef, with bulk protein options as well as curated packages. Choose from American Wagyu, Northwest beef and Kurobuta pork selections, with rush delivery and overnight shipping options available.

No membership fee is required to shop with Snake River Farms, but shipping charges will apply to all orders based on the size of the order and method of shipping. An additional $15 fee is added to all orders placed for Saturday deliversy, but all orders are shipped via dry-ice flash frozen packaging and all dry-aged products ship completely fresh.

For true meat connoisseurs Snake River Farms offers the best value for it's pricing, with some truly impressive and delicious cuts to choose from at fair prices. It's by far the best option for those looking for American Wagyu beef options.

Snake River Farms | American Wagyu Beef Delivered Right to Your Door

Snake River Farms | American Wagyu Beef Delivered Right to Your Door
Specializing in American Wagyu beef options, Snake River Farms offers the highest quality dry-aged and wet-aged beef selection available. No membership fees are required, but an account does need to be created and shipping fees will vary based on order size.

Crowd Cow: the best meat delivery service for poultry and seafood

Crowd Cow is the online marketplace for high quality craft beef and meat options, with prime cuts of beef, fish, and poultry hand-selected from farms and ranches around the world. The best part about Crowd Cow is it's completely community based, with purchases going directly to the farms offering their goods.

Not only can you shop via categories, you can shop each farm's beef, poultry, and fish options directly and cut out the middle man. Each farm working with Crowd Cow to source their meats features a dedicated online shop, so you can shop the best cuts of meat from your favorite farms as much as you'd like.

No membership fee is required to use Crowd Cow, and all items can be purchased through Crowd Cow's marketplace or from the farms own dedicated online shop directly. Shipping times can vary depending on the selection you ordered ranging from 1 to 5 business days, but you can setup recurring orders and get a 5% discount off every order PLUS free shipping on orders over $99.

Crowd Cow: Crowd Sourced Beef, Poultry & Seafood Delivered to Your Door

Crowd Cow: Crowd Sourced Beef, Poultry & Seafood Delivered to Your Door
With farm direct sources for all beef, poultry, seafood and other options available through Crowd Cow, you can shop directly from the source to get the best cuts of meat available. Setup recurring orders to save 5% on all orders plus receive free shipping on all orders over $99.

While we've yet to see any major shortages on beef or poultry, these meat delivery services offer a convenient way to get your favorite meats delivered straight to your door hassle-free. In most cases, the quality of the meats your getting far exceed what you'll find any standard grocery stores.

So while you may be paying a higher price, you're receiving much better quality meat.

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