Sharp launches its first ever dual drawer air fryer, and the price will surprise you

Sharp’s new Dual Drawer Air Fryer has huge cooking space at an affordable price

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Sharp has launched its new Dual Drawer Air Fryer, its first ever dual basket air fryer. With a generous 2 x 4-litre cooking space and 12 pre-set cooking functions, it can cook for the entire family for a super affordable price of £149.99.

Sharp has just announced its new and first ever Dual Drawer Air Fryer. The Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE has 12 pre-set cooking options to choose from and a combined eight litres of cooking space, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Many of the best air fryers you’ll find on the market today have multiple compartments and baskets. Not only do you get maximum cooking space with these dual drawer air fryers, but you can also cook multiple foods in each basket at different times and temperatures, like the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer Air Fryer.

As this air fryer trend continues to grow, many ‘smaller’ air fryer brands have started to adopt this technology. Recently, Philips came out with its first ever dual basket air fryer and now Sharp is joining the party with its Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE.

As the name suggests, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE has two four-litre baskets, which when combined, offer a massive eight litres of cooking capacity. This design allows users to cook multiple dishes at the same time and the ability to batch cook, meal prep and cater to the entire family.

Using advanced hot air circulation technology, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE cooks with up to 90% less fat than traditional cooking methods, like the best deep fat fryers. Powered by 1800W per basket, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE cooks your meals quickly and in a much healthier way, thanks to its 2500 rpm high speed hot air movement.

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If you’re a complete air fryer beginner, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE is easy to use with its touchscreen display, 10 cooking functions and 12 pre-set cooking programmes. For easy and stress-free cleaning, the interior of the air fryer is non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Like most air fryers you can buy today, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE can cook in many different ways, including air fry, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate, keep warm, pre-heat, Dual Cook, Sync Finish and Cook From Frozen. For those new to air frying, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE can make a variety of popular dishes with its pre-set programmes, like chicken, chips, fish, vegetables, beef, potatoes, bacon, pizza, and much more.

At just £149.99, the Sharp Dual Drawer Air Fryer AF-GD82AE is great value for money and offers lots of bang for your buck, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

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