Sega, take my money: the Sega Mega Drive 2 Mini is coming to the EU with these great games

Sega's wonderful mini console is going to be the must-have platform for old-school gamers this year

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The best gaming consoles are getting a new rival in 2022. It may not have the power of the PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch, but it doesn't need them. The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 is made to play some of the oldest, and best, video games of all time – and one of the worst too.

You're familiar with Pavlov's dogs, who associated a ringing bell with food and would start to salivate when they heard it. I'm Pavlov's gamer, trained to associate the "Say-gaaaaaah" sting with fun. And the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 is definitely going to be fun. Sega has now confirmed the games we'll see on the console when it launches in the UK later this year, and there are 60 of them including some absolute classics.

What games are coming to the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2?

Of the 60 titles announced by Sega, the ones I'm really interested in include After Burner 2 and Alien Soldier, OutRun and Phantasy Star 2, Rolling Thunder 2 and Space Harrier 2. But there are lots more across all genres including platforming and beat-'em-ups, Ecco The Dolphin and even the controversial (back in the day) Night Trap, which has the dubious honour of being considered one of the very worst video games ever made. But the vast majority of the selection here is really good, and in some cases the games are sequels to ones that shipped with the first Sega Mega Drive Mini

We really loved the first generation console, not just because of its retro joys but because of its excellent portability: it's a brilliant thing to chuck in a bag when you're travelling, connecting to any TV or monitor in just seconds.

The Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 will launch in Europe on 27 October, the same day the Genesis Mini goes on sale in the US. We don't know the price yet but it's expected to be a bit more expensive than the first-gen model, which cost £80; expect a price somewhere around £100.

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2: the full list of games

Mega Drive games

After Burner II
Alien Soldier
Atomic Runner
Bonanza Bros.
Crusader of Centy
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
Earthworm Jim 2
Elemental Master
Fatal Fury 2
Gain Ground
Golden Axe II
Herzog Zwei
Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar
Midnight Resistance
Phantasy Star II
Rainbow Islands
Rolling Thunder 2
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
Shining Force II
Shining in the Darkness
Sonic 3D Blast
Splatterhouse 2
Streets of Rage 3
Super Hang-On
Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers
The Ooze
The Revenge of Shinobi
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
VectorMan 2
Virtua Racing

Sega CD games

Ecco the Dolphin (Sega CD)
Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega CD)
Final Fight CD (Sega CD)
Mansion of Hidden Souls (Sega CD)
Night Striker (Sega CD)
Night Trap (Sega CD)
Robo Aleste (Sega CD)
Sewer Shark (Sega CD)
Shining Force CD (Sega CD)
Silpheed (Sega CD)
Sonic The Hedgehog CD (Sega CD)
The Ninja Warriors (Sega CD)

Bonus games

Devi & Pi
Fantasy Zone
Space Harrier II (+Space Harrier)
Star Mobile
Super Locomotive
VS Puyo Puyo Sun

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