See The Great Fire of London recreated in the world of Minecraft

The Museum of London is making the most of Mojang's masterpiece

We've seen some pretty incredible things recreated using the power of Mojang's block-based creation suite - the majesty of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry of the still whole splendour of Game of Throne's King's Landing spring to mind - but how about a real-life location rocked by a historical catastrophe?

That's what the Museum of London has built using Minecraft in a new online exhibition to shed more light on the Great Fire of London, which burned huge parts of the capital in 1666. Consisting of three different maps, 'Great Fire 1666' will release the first of its historical creations on 29 July.

The incredibly detailed project was the product of collaboration between Adam Clarke (a Minecraft artist and digital producer), Blockworks (a professional Minecraft map building team in the UK) and 'Dragnoz', a YouTuber famous in the Minecraft community.

The first map will show London how it looked prior to the Great Fire, with audio samples littered throughout its virtual layout explaining some interesting facts about life in the 1600s. The second, which takes place during the height of the fire, will be released in September and will offer a lot more interactive elements. You'll now be able to help citizens escape the calamity while making 'important' decisions along the way.

The third and final map, to be relased in February 2017, will enable users to begin rebuilding London using the very same plans created by arcitects such as Christopher Wren.

Source: Kotaku UK

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