Save up to £1700 on big-screen Samsung QLED TVs in these amazing Black Friday TV deals

Very has serious reductions on 65-inch and 85-inch Samsung QLED TVs for Black Friday

Samsung Q60T deal
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Black Friday TV deals have arrived and that means big reductions when it comes to the biggest screens. If you're using bargain Christmas as your chance to buy as big a screen as possible then Very's Black Friday TV deals have just what you're looking for. The retailer has reduced both the 65-inch and 85-inch models of the Samsung QLED Q60T 4K TV. The 65-inch Samsung Q60T was £1599 and is now £999 with a saving of £600

And, if you're taking the go big or go home approach when it comes to entertainment, the 85-inch Samsung Q60T was £3499 and is now £1799. That latter saving is a whopping £1700 off an already impressively priced TV. We repeat. 85-inches. 

As we said in our Q60T review, this is a screen that delivers great picture quality for 4K content. It also has impressive upscaling to make sure that whatever you're watching, you're making the most of those QLED visuals. "the Q60T is a lustrous, detailed and fully engrossing watch, even in reasonably bright sunlight. Despite its edge-lit arrangement theoretically being much weaker than the direct model, it generates deep, detailed and nicely differentiated black tones."

•  Samsung QE65Q60T 4K TV | Was £1599 | Now £999 | Save £600 at Very 
•  Samsung QE85Q60T 4K TV | Was £3499 | Now £1799 | Save £1700 at Very 

Upscaling too is well handled by the Q60T. "As an upscaler, the Q60T proves equally adept. A 1080p Blu-ray disc enjoys many of the same positives as native 4K content: impressive contrasts, a nicely nuanced colour palette, and secure motion." This is great news if you'll be balancing your 4K viewing with more regular HD viewing, especially on a huge screen. Just try to avoid becoming one of those people who can just watch movies or TV that were been shot on IMAX…

One downside of the Q60T is that it doesn't come with features embraced by the new generation of consoles. There's no 4K at 120 fps here or support for VRR (variable refresh rate), both of which are promised by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. There is a gaming mode for low-lag gaming, so it's still solid for consoles if you don't mind missing out on those features. To check out what to add to your Black Friday deals list if you've just got a new console, take a look at our best gaming TVs

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The Q60T comes with Samsung's Tizen smart TV interface which is easy to use and intuitive and, if you don't want to use the remote control, or just can't find it, there is full support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants. Few things are more 2020 than just telling your favourite AI to crank up the volume when you're starting early on the Christmas movies. Hey, we won't tell... 

Samsung Q60T QLED 65-inch TV | Was £1599 | Now £999 | Save £600 at Very
Another impressive Black Friday TV deal, this reduction of Samsung's excellent QLED powered panel is a chance to get brilliant 4K picture quality for well below the RRP. Combined with Samsung's brilliant upscaling tech and stylish looks and this is a brilliant package. Whether you go for the 65-inch model or head on up to 85-inch, the Q60T is a reliable investment. View Deal

Samsung Q60T QLED 65-inch TV | Was £3499 | Now £1799 | Save £1700 at Very
This huge 85-inch QLED really makes the most of Samsung's upscaling technology, to make images look excellent event in giganto-vision. QLED gives HDR colours real depth and pop. Most importantly, it's basically HALF PRICE. It's so much TV for the money – it's one of the deals of the year.View Deal

And the reductions  for the holiday season are only just beginning.  Christmas is getting scarily close and T3's elves are here to assist. Prep with our best Christmas gifts and even the best Cyber Monday deals to make sure you always get the best prices even after Black Friday. 

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