Save up to 25% off Lego City sets in Amazon's Spring Sale

The Lego police are here to save you some money for one day only!

Lego spring sale

As part of the big Amazon Spring Sale event, there's up to 25% off select Lego City sets – specifically, some police-themed sets that are slightly weird in a way we're kind of into. But these deals all expire at 11:59pm Monday April 8th!

These Lego deals are actually money saved off Amazon's normal price, which are already much reduced from the RRP, so you're saving nearly half price in some cases.

Our favourite of these sets is the Sky Police Air Base, and its collection of police, pilots and three different vehicles as well as an HQ. Though the Mobile Command Center is a really nice set that you can easily combine with other Lego City sets for some extra police drama (plus it comes with a dog).

All that said, the fact that the Mountain Arrest set comes with a hairy-chested semi-nude criminal as well as a bear and helicopter also makes it a weird and wonderful option.

LEGO 60139 City Police Mobile Command Center Building Set | Now £25.59 | Was £31.99
This truck comes with a pair of cops and a pair of crooks, a mini holding cell for captured minifigs, an all-terrain vehicle for busting minifigs out of the cell, a police bike for chasing them, a dog for sniffing out plastic contraband, and a big articulated vehicle to act as a command centre.View Deal

LEGO 60173 City Police Mountain Arrest Building Set | Now £23.99 | Was £29.99
Use the Chinook-style helicopter to hunt down these two criminals in their mountain hideout, then fire the net from the helicopter to capture them. You might feel bad about firing a net at a bathing man on his nice balcony, but you've got to stop him getting on the buggy somehow. It is unclear whose side the bear is on.View Deal

LEGO 60210 City Police Sky Police Air Base Playset | Now £41.99 | Was £55.99
Though we're not sure that Sky Police is a thing, this is a really cool playset. You get a a police plane, a motorbike, an airport HQ, and even a working parachute for one of the officers. Meanwhile, the robbers can bust out of the jail cell using their sports car.View Deal