Save £20 on Amazon's Fire TV Cube right now

Everything you love about the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but better.

Amazon Fire TV Cube
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Amazon Prime Day 2020 might have been postponed but that hasn't stopped the company from offering some seriously good deals ahead of time. The company came out of basically nowhere to dominate the smart TV accessory market and it's easy to see why: the devices on offer – from the regular Fire TV Stick to the higher-end Cube – are all fantastic. 

The offer available today is for the Fire TV Cube, the beefiest of all the HDMI-toting smart TV devices that Amazon sells, offering 4K Ultra HD playback, the ability to control other devices, and all of the streaming services you could possibly want. All of that could be yours for just £89.99.

As you would expect for the most decked-out Fire TV device, the Cube really has it all. If you have a 4K TV and use some kind of A/V setup, then look no further, the Cube can show all your favourite shows, movies, and more while letting you control the audio setup right from the voice remote with Alexa

Need to dim the lights before embarking on a Lord of the Rings marathon? Simple, just ask Alexa. Need to turn the TV off but can't be bothered to get up? Same process. Alexa can do it all, right from your sofa. 

Amazon Fire TV Cube | 4K Ultra HD | Alexa | Was £109.99 | Now £89.99 | Available at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Cube | 4K Ultra HD | Alexa | Was £109.99 | Now £89.99 | Available at Amazon
Amazon has continually elevated the smart TV game with its selection of Fire offerings and getting money off the most top-end device is no mean feat. It's a great chance to upgrade your home setup quickly and easily.

So, if your smart TV is looking a bit forlorn or you want a simple way to massively upgrade your home setup, look no further than the Fire TV Cube, available now with a £20 discount for a limited time.

Max Slater-Robins

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