Save £650 on this 75-inch Samsung QLED TV

The bigger the better

Samsung Q60C
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Nothing quite screams Black Friday like big TV deals and they are well and truely screaming right now. We've already seen an LG OLED TV drop to its lowest price ever and now Samsung are joining in the fun too. 

You can now get a huge 75-inch Samsung Q60C OLED TV for £1149 at Amazon. That's a massive £650 off or for percentage fans, 36%. Needless to say for a 4K OLED TV of this size, it's a brilliant deal, provided you have the wall space to fit it on. 

Samsung Q60C OLED, 75":was £1799 now £1149 at Amazon

Samsung Q60C OLED, 75": was £1799 now £1149 at Amazon
A massive TV with a massive saving, but that's not all it has going for it. This OLED panel features Samsung's Dual LED technology to create intense warm and cool colours, an ultrathin design and incredible audio. 

This TV is more than just a big panel too. Thanks to Samsung's Dual LED technology, you'll see better colours. Warm and cool LEDs are used to ensure accurate colour reproduction, regardless of the content you have on screen.

The AirSlim design also means it will look great in your home. Gone are the days of bulky CRT-style TVs – this design is slim and elegant, and ensures that your well-crafted décor isn't marred by an unsightly entertainment system.

The Crystal Processor 4k sits at the heart of this TV. That upscales picture quality to 4k, even when it isn't natively. Plus, it will intelligently adapt the audio, to ensure whatever is playing sounds as good as it possibly can.

That audio experience continues elsewhere. With Object Tracking Sound LITE, speakers built into the TV will automatically fire depending on the position of the subject on the screen. That means that you can hear a vehicle move past you, or experience the roar of a crowd from all sides.

With all of these praiseworthy features I would just say that if you're a gamer looking for a big screen, this probably isn't the TV for you. A 50Hz refresh rate is good, but you'll want something at 60Hz at least for the smoothest gameplay. 

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